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A Data-Driven Crime Prevention Program

The goal of this project is to design, implement, and deploy a flexible, new model for crime prevention that can be translated to a wide array of communities in the United States and beyond, thereby achieving far-reaching societal impact. The project will yield new developments in predictive modeling technology, along with a legal-ethical framework for appropriately employing this technology to crime prevention in a way that respects privacy rights and achieves acceptance by the community. The model will be developed in partnership with the Elgin (Illinois) Police, and an intervention program resulting from these development efforts will be enacted in the city of Elgin.

Team Members

  • Miles Wernick (Motorola Endowed Chair Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Director, Medical Imaging Research Center, and Professor, Biomedical Engineering)
  • Lori Andrews (Distinguished Professor of Law and Director, Institute for Science, Law, and Technology at Chicago-Kent College of Law)
  • Yongyi Yang (Harris Perlstein Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Professor, Biomedical Engineering)