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Social Media

Social media technologies are POWERFUL communication tools that can either enhance your brand and reputation or KILL it overnight.

Before creating a social media account, please contact the IIT Office of Marketing and Communications (M&C). M&C can offer assistance, guidance and support to help you maximize existing IIT social media accounts or help you create a new account.

Here’s a list of best practice principles to follow to ensure that you get the most out of your social media presence as you post content that represents Illinois Tech:

Consider the Purpose of the Post

  • What is the post intended to do?
  • Who is the post intended to reach?
  • Are you intending for the post to be re-shared?

Tone of the Post

Make sure the post reflects well on the poster – that’s the College or the University – and the post should not negatively alienate individuals or groups. Remember, the College and the University’s brand is at stake. Given that, make sure that the post is grammatically correct, does not contain spelling errors, remains professional in tone and reflects good taste.

Use a Call to Action

Encourage people to “like” your status, share your post, ask open-ended questions at the end of posts for followers to engage with you. Also, encourage followers to re-tweet appropriate messages.

Frequency of Posts

When you made the decision to create a Facebook page or a Twitter account on behalf of your department or College, did you think about whether you would have enough content to support it? It seemed like a good idea at the time, right? If you still think it is a good idea to be actively engaged in social media on behalf of your department or College, make sure you post regularly. That doesn’t mean quarterly, monthly or weekly. A good gauge is to make sure you are engaging your audience on a regular basis. If you’re not engaging your audience, chances are that they will become uninterested in what you have to say and stop following you. This means striking a perfect balance between being a non-existent poster and one that becomes annoying if there are too many posts.

Visual Reminders

When appropriate, post photos or videos in order to catch a reader’s eye and increase attention.

Repurpose Content

Chances are that you have content that you can reuse throughout all of your social networks. Repurposing content on all of your social networks can also save you valuable time.