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Guidelines and Procedures for Design and Print Work

Working With M&C

  • All academic and administrative units at Illinois Institute of Technology are able to request a variety of services from M&C free of charge as part of the university’s RCM, including but not limited to:
    • Graphic design
    • Copywriting (direction and copy points must be provided)
    • Proofreading
    • Creative direction for photography
    • Marketing/Communications strategy development
    • Online ad design
    • Media relations
    • Project evaluation/metrics
    • Social media strategy
    • Print pre-production
    • Vendor management
    • Analytics
  • If a unit chooses instead to forego these services and develop pieces/projects on its own or in conjunction with external vendors, M&C must still review and approve the design and content. The vendor will receive payment from the university once the job is complete only if the purchase order includes a Function Point (FP) number assigned by M&C.
  • M&C’s assignment of a FP number means that M&C has approved the piece for dissemination based on two criteria:
  1. inclusion of the university’s approved logo and
  2. the copy/design do not harm the university’s brand.
  • In order to receive a FP number, a unit must submit a proof to M&C via a FP job request prior to the job going to final design or to the printer.
  • M&C will then review within one business day and provide feedback/approval/recommendations for changes, along with the FP number to be used when requesting a PO. A minimum of one business day must be allowed for M&C review.
  • IMPORTANT: In collaboration with IIT Purchasing, no requisition will be processed to a purchase order without a FP number. Purchasing will not issue a PO for work already done by a vendor if a FP number has not been secured.

Proof Guidelines and Procedures for Print Jobs

  • All print jobs done by M&C for IIT clients include a first design proof. This proof will represent M&C’s first attempt to meet the client’s needs as discussed in the initial conversations about the project.
  • After receiving the first proof, if the client wants to make changes, up to two additional proofs will be provided at no cost. Edits can be to either the design or text. Edits must be provided as annotated comments in the PDF proof that M&C provides. M&C will not accept handwritten edits, edits written in email messages or Word documents, or edits provided over the phone.
  • If the client approves the job after the first, second, or third design proof, the design file will be sent to the printer.
  • If a client wants to make additional changes after the third design proof, the client has two options:
    • Accept the design file from M&C and make his/her own arrangements with outside vendors (designers/printers) to complete the job. M&C must still see the final proof before the piece is printed.
    • M&C can continue to work on the job for the client. The delivery schedule will be renegotiated and charges will be assigned. Funds will be transferred to M&C prior to the files being released to the printer. A FOAP number will be needed BEFORE any additional changes/edits are made so that proper invoicing can be completed with a budget transfer. The cost will be $100 per hour with a one-hour minimum per each additional round of revisions.

Project Lead Time

  • For most design jobs, M&C requires a two-week (10 working days) lead-time on any project added to our workflow. Any exceptions will need to be approved by either the vice president or associate vice president of Marketing and Communications.

Scheduling Jobs

  • All work done by M&C for the IIT community starts with a Function Point (FP) job number. FP is a very intuitive Web-based system that is easy to learn, and we will help you get started. All correspondence about your job takes place in FP, the result being an accurate log of revisions, questions, and approvals.
  • At the beginning of the process, we will give you an estimate of how long it will take to complete the job as well as the time needed for the interim steps (such as scheduling photography shoots).
  • When building the schedule, you will be asked to respond to a first design proof, comments/notes, print quote, etc. within two weeks of that information/file’s placement in Function Point.
  • NOTE: After two weeks with no response, the project will be tabled and taken off the active list. Clients can request to have a project reopened, but the timeline to complete the project will need to be negotiated and the original delivery date cannot be guaranteed.
  • Once your job starts in FP, should circumstances change on your end, we will adjust the delivery date to reflect those changes. M&C will honor its deadlines.

Media Placement

  • Any department that is considering media placement (magazine/newspaper/online advertisement, etc.) must provide placement and suggested content information to M&C for review and approval. This requirement must be met prior to purchasing the ad space. Upon approval, a FP number will be provided for purchase of the ad space. Ad placement that is not approved by M&C is not permitted.
  • Once a department receives M&C’s approval for ad placement, M&C will gladly assist in ad design and development. If the department opts to create the ad on its own or with an outside source, M&C must still approve the ad design before it can be submitted to a publication or website for display.


  • All jobs coming into M&C are subject to proofreading and copyediting. In the majority of cases, these edits are based on the IIT Editorial Style Guide.
  • Please build time into your schedule to allow M&C staff adequate time to review any and all content you expect to include in your printed piece or in your ad/letter/email/report. M&C staff will edit for spelling, grammar, and style—as well as provide edits intended to help ensure that the piece “does its job” in terms of reaching your target audience and having the intended impact. You, however, are the content experts and so we will assume that the copy we receive from you is accurate and cited appropriately and as necessary. If we have questions about content, we will direct them to you for clarification. Edits, comments, and questions will be provided as “tracked” changes in a Word document. All changes will be made to the provided text.


  • Only photographs that meet the minimum quality criteria required for good reproduction will be used in IIT print publications and/or digital products. All images need to be
  1. provided by M&C;
  2. approved by M&C; or
  3. scheduled with a photographer with an M&C staff member providing creative direction (all photo shoots will be billed to clients).
  • Photos that clients provide must be at least 300dpi (dots per inch) and as close as possible to the size being used in the design to ensure the needed level of quality. M&C will not accept poor-quality photos (bad lighting, fuzzy/blurry, bad cropping, unable to be increased in size). In those cases, the client will need to provide new photos, or a professional photographer will need to take new photos.
  • M&C can recommend local photographers who do quality work at reasonable prices. Please note that clients must budget for photography since it is not a service that M&C can provide as part of the RCM.