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Information Skills

IIT Libraries support the university community by providing students with the information skills to compete in today’s challenging and rapidly changing environment.

Information Literacy

Information literacy is a cornerstone of success in the information age. It's the set of skills needed to seek, retrieve, and evaluate information effectively. Information literacy skills provide the ability to navigate through the overwhelming abundance of information sources in our society, using the library as a gateway to quality information. The information-literate student is well-equipped to deal with technological change, has the ability to work with information in a variety of formats, and has greater control of his or her education.

Scholarly Information

Scholarly information is the focus of the libraries’ collections. It’s the material produced by researchers, professors, scientists, engineers, committees, conferences, and students that’s published in journal articles, books, reports, papers, dissertations, and many other formats. Scholarly information is different from material found on the Web in that it has gone through the process of peer-review, meaning that leading scholars in the field have evaluated its content and approved it for publication. At the library, you'll learn how to find these important works, how to distinguish them from less reliable sources, and how to use them for your own research.