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Knapp Center


“An entrepreneur is not only a risk-taker; he or she must also have the right people onboard and the ability to communicate the vision to everyone on the team. My greatest enjoyment is seeing a new product come to market and the feeling of success it brings to the people behind it. Successful businesses help to make our country great.”

—Jules F. Knapp, Successful Serial Entrepreneur and Mentor

Jules F. Knapp Entrepreneurship Center offers a wide variety of supportive services for startup and existing small businesses located in and around Illinois Institute of Technology. The center is committed to helping neighborhood businesses grow and thrive, as well as helping the IIT students, alumni, faculty, and staff bring new ideas and services to life.

For 125 years, IIT has been teaching, developing, and coaching the best engineering, legal, architectural science, and business minds to improve the world we live in. The Jules F. Knapp Entrepreneurship Center is yet another very important resource that demonstrates IIT’s commitment to improving life for all humankind.

Mission Statement

The Knapp Entrepreneurship Center, at the Illinois Institute of Technology, strives to be Chicago’s premier entrepreneurship center.  The Center focuses on helping launch, expand and strengthen businesses created by students, faculty, alumni and the community at large.  The Center is part of a collaborative community of supporters of entrepreneurs, which provides effective, affordable, and expert resources to help create and grow successful commercial ventures.