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Pitch Competition Finalists

On June 11th, five student startups from the Kaplan Institute’s Membership Program will be competing for a prize pool of $50,000 during Pitch@IllinoisTech, a business pitch competition hosted in partnership with Intinium

Each of the five teams will have 5 minutes to pitch their startups to a panel of judges and an additional 5 minutes to answer questions. The judges will score these pitches along with their pre-submitted business plans to select three teams to win $5000, $15,000 and $30,000 to continue growing their startups. 

You can click here to read more event details and register for Pitch@IllinoisTech to watch the startups compete, listen to guest speakers, and participate in fun games and raffles. The event will be held virtually on Friday, June 11th, from 1 - 4 pm, CDT.

Without further ado, here are the five startups that will be competing…

  1. FuturEd | Katja Berthold,, Naia Lum & Harshini Chellasamy

FuturEd partners with universities to help students “learn how to learn” through verified personalized learning approaches and consequently help schools improve retention rates. 

  1. HEIRS Farm | Ashley-Marie Sutherland & Gyasi K. Sutherland

Heirs Farm uses a combination of unique urban farming methods to provide historically excluded communities easy access to fresh, culturally relevant produce.

  1. Kolosseum | John Wolf & Jack Critzer

Kolosseum helps viewers of video game streaming gain a personal stake in the outcome of streamers’ daily play by letting viewers build their own “dream team” of streamers and compete against each other for real world prizes.

  1. ONEBIT | Omar Hernandez, Amber Handal, Daniela Montiel, Nishant Pathare, Vanessa Gutierrez, Soham Satam, Zhenyu Zhou, Sean Lee, Ron Duran & Lenny Ramroop

ONEBIT helps independent business owners in the food and retail industries make better business decisions by providing a dashboard of their sales and expenses in one mobile-friendly platform.

  1. Phyesta | Patrick McInerney, Sam Kalenowski & Mitchell Lucky

Phyesta is an online physics simulator that provides students and teachers with a platform that allows for total customization in creating physics labs.

Click here to register for Pitch@IllinoisTech to watch our finalists deliver their final pitches on June 11th!