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Kaplan Institute’s Speaker Series

About The Series

With the profound challenges and issues facing tomorrow's innovations, inventions, discoveries and technologies, we need a new forum for sharing future insights and encouraging detailed inquiries into the trends shaping our environments, communities, cities and the universe.

We need to develop new tools to facilitate future-proof thinking, which is why the Kaplan Institute is investigating them all, curating and organizing them, and bringing them to you. Renowned international corporate leaders - influencers - change makers - disrupters - entrepreneurs of note - authors - creators - celebrity personalities and the world's top talent will all participate.

Fireside chats and animated panels will translate these provocative and compelling topics into valuable takeaways and provide educational, real-life experiences where more traditional programs leave off.

Mesirow Luminaries Speaker Series

We are thrilled to announce our new Mesirow Luminaries Speaker Series at Kaplan Institute where we aspire to bring celebrated Speakers to Kaplan, Illinois Tech and Chicagoland.

Mesirow Financial


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