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Key Donors


S. R. (M.A.S. CHE 66) and Kaye Cho

Martin Cooper (EE 50, M.S. 57) and Arlene Harris

The Crown Family

A. Steven and Nancy C. Crown

Lester and Renee S. Crown

Janet and Craig Duchossois / The Duchossois Family Foundation

The Grainger Foundation

Arthur W. Hill (CHE 71)

Ed (ME 65) and Carol Kaplan / The Kaplan Foundation

Victor A. (CHE 64) and Faye Morgenstern / Morgenstern Family Foundation

Walter Nathan (ME 44) and Ann Nathan

Madhavan K. (M.S. IE 68) and Teresa R. Nayar / Nayar Family Foundation

Robert C. Pew and Susan Taylor / Dornick Foundation

Edward (ME 43) and Renee Ross / Renee & Edward Ross Foundation

Steelcase, Inc.

Tellabs Foundation

Ralph Wanger

Alan (ME 71) and Suzanne Wendorf