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Innovation Day


Friday, December 4, 2020

Innovation Day presents an arrangement of curated IPRO projects as well as a selection of creative student projects that push the boundaries of innovation. 

This year's virtual event will be held on Friday, December 4th starting at 1:00 pm. Teams will present their project to a panel of judges in the PechaKucha format. 

Interested in being a judge or mentoring a team or mentoring a team to prepare for Innovation Day?
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The PechaKucha style is a simple yet powerful way to share a story. The format of a PechaKucha is 20X20, 20 slides, 20 seconds of commentary per slide. In exactly 400 seconds (less than 7 minutes) the presenter will give a talk that is engaging, informative, and fun. 

Learn more about PechaKucha.



IPRO Teams

IPRO faculty will be nominating teams from each class to present their work at Innovation Day. Check with your IPRO professor to see what they are looking for when selecting teams to speak at Innovation Day. 

other project teams

Are you interested in presenting your project or research to a panel of judges from industry at Innovation Day? Apply to showcase your work at Innovation Day today! 

Project requirements:

  • You have worked on the project for at least 4 months (1 semester) 
  • The project has a faculty mentor or a dedicated advisor from industry
  • The project has gone through at least 1 complete round of experimentation or prototyping

Innovation Day is a celebration of the progress or results you have achieved on your project. 


Friday, November 20, 2020
Teams will be notified the week of November 23rd if they are selected and will have 1 week to prepare their PechaKucha talk. 


Looking for Resources to develop a pechakucha?
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