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Event Space Rental


Kaplan has an approved list of preferred caterers. you can also choose to use our university approved caterer. If you need assistance our Events Team would be happy to make recommendations for you on catering options, entertainment, floral and décor/production based on your requirements.


Kaplan Institute complies with the University rules regarding the service of alcohol. Alcoholic beverages may not be served on school property unless prior permission is obtained and only at specified times. To secure permission, an Alcohol Service Request form must be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs for approval at least two weeks prior to the event. Only wine and beer are allowed on-site for campus events and these beverages must be located in an enclosed area/room and not served prior to 4:00 pm unless approved. All alcohol service must be in compliance with State of Illinois laws and all University and Student Organization policies. No alcohol will be served to anyone under the legal drinking age of twenty-one (21). Our approved caterers will help you with beverage selections.


Based on the size and timing of your event, a security guard may be required. This cost will be added to your rental fee. For larger events, additional security may be needed.


Parking lot access is not included in the rental fee. Visitor parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Pay-Stations accept credit/debit card only. We encourage large private event clients to hire valet for guest parking or provide shuttles to and from the venue, or recommend public or ride-share transportation, Please ask our Events Team for any additional information regarding on-campus Parking availability.


If you are using existing Kaplan tables for your food/event service, they must be properly covered with linen. Please speak with our Events Team regarding seating and other furniture requests. any furniture moving must be cleared in advance and done by our Events Team or IT Facilities Department.


In compliance with the City of Chicago’s ordinance regarding smoking in and around public buildings, smoking of any kind, including, but not limited to cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vaping, etc. is prohibited inside the Kaplan Institute. Additionally, smoking outside of Kaplan is restricted to an area at least 25 feet away from the building entrances, or any windows surrounding Kaplan. Please note that smoking on any landing or porch area is also prohibited. Please dispose of any smoking materials in the ash urns provided.


The Kaplan Institute administrative office is responsible for scheduling rooms/spaces for events, meetings, conferences, etc. held in the Kaplan Institute. Any group, organization, college or individual, including University affiliated organizations, faculty, etc. who wishes to use a room for any purpose other than a regularly scheduled class, should submit a request to the Kaplan administrative office directly. A confirmation will be sent to the requesting person via e-mail. Please contact with any questions about space reservations.


Our guests are required to cover the costs of any additional pre and post-event cleaning services.


Any third party (non-university affiliated) User, at its sole expense, shall procure and maintain general liability insurance coverage for the Event in an amount of not less than two million dollars ($2,000,000) per occurrence against claims for bodily injury, death and property damage occurring in connection with User’s use of the Facilities. Such coverage shall be primary and not contributory and contain a waiver of subrogation. all such policies shall be issued by insurers with an A.M. Best rating of “A-VIII”. The insurance policy must name Illinois Tech and Kaplan Institute as additional insureds. User must provide the University with a certificate evidencing this insurance coverage no later than ten business days after the Facilities Use Agreement has been prepared.


Kaplan Institute has multiple AV options. Please share your needs and our Events Team will assist in getting you answers and recommending the most appropriate and cost-effective solution.

Photography / Media

Interior or exterior images of Kaplan Institute, and/or any audio from filming or photography for the purposes of advertising, including social media, and/or for promotional purposes is prohibited unless User has executed the Illinois Tech Media License Agreement. Additionally, copying, recording, displaying, or other use of Illinois Tech or Kaplan Institute's name, logo or service-mark is prohibited without the prior written consent of Illinois Tech. Illinois Tech reserves the right at all times to be identified in the credits of any approved photo or video production.


  • Candles are allowed if used in enclosed vessels.
  • A Kaplan Institute representative will be on site during set-up and can direct vendors, etc. during load-in.
  • All loading and unloading shall be done only through the rear loading docks and doors
  • During set-up and throughout your event, you will need to have an on-site manager or staff manager
  • Kaplan Institute address is 3137 South Federal Street – Chicago, Illinois 60616
  • Kaplan Institute is not pet friendly – Service Dogs are allowed if required
  • Kaplan Institute is handicap accessible
  • Kaplan Institute is a smoke free building
  • Bikes/Scooters are prohibited inside of the Kaplan Institute