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Letter Request

Letters will only be issued upon request.  Delays can be expected during peak business days.

The International Center will only issue the following letters on letterhead

Social Security Letters will be signed when brought in by students from the IIT On-Campus hiring department.  If the hiring department is not able to issue the Social Security letter, please have them contact the student employment office.

The International Center has a template for students, scholars, and employees to write their own invitation letters.  The International Center is unable to issue invitation letters.  For questions please speak with an IC advisor during advising hours.

Job Offer Letter

This form is to be used to produce the hiring department job offer letter for student employees for the purpose of applying for a Social Security Number. The Department Administrator submits this form if the Electronic Payroll Authorization form through the MyIIT portal failed to produce a letter or if the hiring department has submitted a paper-based Payroll Authorization form (PA) to the Student Employment Office (SEO).

Instructions for the Department

  1. Department Administrator completes the form below. Print the pdf on hiring department letterhead.
  2. The supervisor must sign the letter.
  3. Give the letter to the student and instruct the student to submit the letter the International Center.
  4. The International Center will write a Social Security Letter when the student brings the department hiring letter to the International Center. Processing time for the IC letter is approximately 2-3 business days.
  5. Student picks up both the Department Hiring letter and the IC Social Security Letter from the IC after 2-3 business days.
  6. The student takes the hiring department job offer letter and IC Social Security Letter to the Social Security Administration to apply for a number.