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New Students

Thank you for choosing Illinois Tech as the next stop on your educational journey. To make your transition here as smooth as possible, click on the links below for a variety of information that will be very helpful to you.

In order for international students to study at Illinois Tech, they need to have a valid non-immigrant visa status. Most international students admitted to Illinois Tech obtain F-1 or J-1 visas. However, it is possible to study in the United States with certain dependent visa categories, including H-4s, J-2s, and L-2s.





F-1 Student Visa - I-20

The F-1 visa is the most common student visa and is issued to full-time students enrolled in an academic program. In order to apply for the F-1 visa, students must first receive their Ilinois Tech I-20 from the Office of Admission.

Note: All questions related to the issuing of your new IIT I-20 should be directed to the appropriate admissions office.

J-1 Student Visa - DS-2019

The J-1 student visa is an exchange visitor visa issued to students at all academic levels. In order to apply for the J-1 student visa, students must first receive their DS-2019 from the admissions office.

F-2 and J-2 Dependents

Students who plan to have dependents accompany them during their studies must request dependent I-20/DS-2019 with the admissions office. F-2 dependents are permitted to study part-time at Illinois Tech. If full-time study is desired ,the F-2 dependent must change status prior to beginning study. J-2 dependents may study full-time or part-time.