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Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Curricular Practical Training for students is temporary employment that allows an F-1 student to gain practical experience through internships, cooperative education, or practicums. It is an integral part of the curriculum and must be directly related to the F-1 student's major field of study. It is either a required part of the curriculum or taken for credit.

To be eligible for CPT

  • You must have been in lawful full-time F-1 status for at least one academic year (consecutive fall/spring terms) at Illinois Tech. This requirement includes new and transfer students to Illinois Tech.
  • You must be in good academic standing: undergraduates 2.25 GPA, graduates 3.0 GPA minimum.
    Note: Some departments may require a higher GPA. Students on academic probation will not be able to pursue or continue in the co-op/internship programs.
  • If you are already working on campus, you may not be eligible for CPT. The employment offer must be related directly to your major field of study as listed on the I-20.
  • To apply for CPT, you must work with your academic department, Career Services or the Career Management Center for initial approvals. Final approval will be in the form of an updated I-20 issued by the International Center. Chicago-Kent College of Law, Institute of Design, and psychology students must work directly with the academic units and the International Center.
  • Authorization period and time restrictions:
    • Work authorization is granted by the academic terms (fall, spring, or summer); each term requires a new application or renewal. If approved, the I-20 will list the employer information, start date, end date, and approval to work either full-time (more than 20 hrs/week) or part-time (under 20 hrs/week).
  • Enrollment requirements:
    • Students enrolled in internship during a required term (fall/spring) must be enrolled in (12) undergraduate or (9) nine graduate credits of coursework/research in addition to the Internship credits. 
    • If enrolling in an internship during your last term, you must also be enrolled in at least one LIVE course.

Employment Dates and Hours

  • Employment can be approved for part-time or full-time during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Department of Psychology
Stuart Career Management Center
Institute of Design
Chicago-Kent College of Law