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Update US Address

Step 1

Log in to your MY IIT Student Portal at using your IIT email ID and password*

my portal homepage

*If you cannot log in to your account, please contact OTS at 312.567.3375 or at

Step 2

Once you have logged in, click on the ACADEMICS tab and find the BANNER SELF SERVICE box ( typically this is located at the top-right corner of your screen)

My Homepage Tabs

My Homepage Student Self

Step 3


My Homepage Student Self Update

Step 4

The next page will display a list of the available addresses for your account. As an F-1 or J-1 student you must have a PERMANENT address which is ourside the United States and a LOCAL or UNIVERSITY HOUSING address which is your United States Address.

1. Permanent Address: This is your address outside the United States of America. This should haveinformation for your permanent international address. This address type is “PR”.

IF you currently live ON CAMPUS:

2. University Housing: This is your official campus address. This address will be automatically updated by the university. Please make sure to check it and update it yourself if there are anycorrections need to be made. This will be maintained by Residence and Greek Life based onyour annual signed housing contract. Do not copy this address to your Permanent Address.

IF you currently live OFF CAMPUS:

3. Local Address: This is your off-campus residential address. If you do not live on campus, thisaddress type is MANDATORY and REQUIRED. Please note that this address cannot be a PO Box.This address type is “LO”.

Step 5

To determine what Address types you have in Banner, look in the grey bar ABOVE the actual addresses for the address type.

If you do not see Permanent or Local address, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and use the drop down menu to add one or both of the types. (See STEP 6). Remember, you only need to enter a local address if you live off campus.

If the address is incorrect, for example, if your Chicago address is in the Permanent address type, then click on the blue “Current” link under that type to update the address. (See STEP 7)

My Homepage Student Address

Step 6

If your Permanent or Local address is missing use the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page to see a list of available addresses to add. Please select the address and click SUBMIT

My Homepage Student Address Type

Step 7

To update or change an address you already have in the system, click on the blue link CURRENT

My Homepage Student Address Phone

Step 8

Once you have selected an address type to add/change/update, you will see an online form that you can use to fill out and change your information. You should also see a list of the Required fields above the form. You must also update your telephone number including an IIT Alert telephone number.

My Homepage Student Required Field

My Homepage Student Address Fields

My Homepage Student Phone Fields

Step 9

Click ‘Submit’ to confirm the change; Please note that if you do not click ‘Submit’ the information will not get saved and your address will not be updated

My Homepage Submit

Step 10

Remember to keep your address updated at all times in order to keep your status as an International student current and valid.

Immigration regulations mandate that if you move, you must update your address this way within 10 days of your move