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The Team

For inquiries, please email the international center at

Kemi Onajole

Contact for H-1B employees

Education: M.S. in Higher Education & Student Affairs from Loyola University Chicago.
Global know-how: Kemi is a seasoned higher education administrator and educator who has worked with domestic and international  students and scholars for more than a decade.  She enjoys meeting students and scholars from around the world, and learning about their home country, and also learning more about their culture.  She has traveled well within Europe and West Africa.
Interests: Kemi enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, and is a history buff.

Anna Adamson

SEVIS Coordinator

Education: MBA from Concordia University Chicago, USA; and Master of Arts in Linguistics from Penza State Pedagogical University, Russia.

Global Know-how: During years of working in the international education field, Anna has played various roles from F-1 student to ISSS office operations manager promoting synergy across student, faculty and administrator to drive positive change, and enhanced productivity. Anna is passionate about teaching and sharing her experience; and she takes pride in presenting at professional conferences.

Interests: Anna enjoys snowboarding, exploring the city architecture on a weekend, and teaching fitness classes after work.

Andrea Barnwell

International Student Advisor

Education: M.Ed. in Higher Education & Student Affairs from Loyola University Chicago.

Global Know-how: Andrea had the opportunity to study abroad in Australia, New Zealand, London and Rome during her undergraduate and graduate studies. Andrea believes in Global Citizenship and loves learning from the students she meets from all over the world. She is an experienced higher education administrator who successfully advises international students on maintaining legal immigration status and who thrives on assisting them with OPT.

Interests:Andrea enjoys listening to her children play Irish music, watching them play soccer, reading, swimming, and traveling to Minnesota and Ireland to spend time with family and friends.

Hannah Jones

Study Abroad Advisor

Education:  B.A. in French Language & Literature from The University of Southern Mississippi.

Global know-how: After studying abroad in France during her sophomore year of college, Hannah decided that she wanted to work in international education. Hannah went on to study abroad three more times and completed an internship abroad. Since college, she has worked in study abroad for over five years at a university and a study abroad provider.

Interests:Hannah enjoys roller derby, watching movies, and exploring the city.

Rocio Rodriguez

Senior International Student Advisor

Contact for F-1/J-1 students & J-1 Scholars 

Education: B.A. in Political Science from DePaul University.
Global know-how: Rocio previously worked at an immigration law firm where she was able to meet and help people from around the world. She has also volunteered abroad in the Dominican Republic.
Interests: Rocio enjoys reading, dancing, watching movies, and spending time with family and friends.

Gladis Herst

Experiential Learning Program Coordinator 

Education: B.A. in Sociology from Beloit College

Global know-how: Gladis has lived, studied, and worked on three continents. Her passion for understanding international migration lead her to international education more than 5 years ago. She has traveled extensively and is an advocate for cultural understanding.

Interests: When not working, Gladis enjoys biking, reading, cooking, crafting, and dreaming about her next international trip.  

Yulia Thonippara

Customer Service Specialist

 Education: Associates degree from Lida State Pedagogical College, Belarus.

Global know-how: Yulia has lived and studied abroad in more than one continent.  She has a passion for understanding people and assisting them to the best of her ability.

Interests: When not working, Yulia enjoys hiking, bike riding and spending time with her family.

For inquiries, please email the international center at