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Two-Year Student Live-On-Campus Residency Requirement

Illinois Tech is committed to providing all students with a comprehensive educational experience. There are numerous educational and social benefits for students living in the residence halls.

First-year undergraduate students enrolled full-time, as defined in the Illinois Institute of Technology Undergraduate Bulletin, are required to live in campus residence halls for two academic years. An academic year is comprised of both the fall and spring semester of any given term.

Exemption from the Two-Year Live-On Requirement

Students may apply for a waiver if they live with a parent or legal guardian within the Chicago metro area. The address provided must be no more than twenty (20) miles away from campus via public transit or major roadways. Addresses will be verified with what is on file with IIT Financial Aid. Additional or supporting documentation may be requested.  Transfer students  with fewer than 3 or more semesters of college work may also apply for an exemption.

The Housing Application Waiver can be found HERE