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Housing Assignments

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Late Start Fall 2016 Housing

Spring 2017 Housing

Fall 2016 Housing

Meal Plan Only Contracts

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Contracts, Policies, & Procedures

How to Apply

Visit and log in using your IIT credentials. If you are a VanderCook student, click on VanderCook Authorization to gain access to your login info. Only students that have completed their enrollment process and do not have holds on their account will be able to access their MyRoom account. If you cannot log in, please contact for assistance. 

You will see all available contracts once logged in, please select one contract to complete and submit. If you are signing up for room you do not need to also submit a "Board Only" contract. 

Step 1: Demographic Information (this is populated by your information from your admission application). If you are interested in Student Family Housing, you should indicate that on this page

Step 2: Lifestyle and Roommate Preferences-- be sure to answer these questions truthfully as you will be matched with your potential roommate based on your selections.

Step 3: Room Application-- Where you may rank your top 3 to 5 types of rooms you wish to live in for Spring 2016. If you are applying for Student Family Housing you may only apply for Carman Hall. 

Step 4: Board Application-- Almost all of our residents are required to hold some kind of meal plan. If you are a graduate student living outside of MSV, SSV North and Middle, you will be allowed to select No Meal Plan. There will also be a 2 week meal plan change period at the start of the Spring semester if you wish to change your selection after assignment. 

Step 5: Contract Terms & Conditions-- read this carefully as you are agreeing to everything stated with in it. You will be held responsible for any violation of the agreed upon contract.

Late Start Fall 2016 Housing

Interested in joining us on-campus before January? Please contact today to learn more about options and prorated rates!

Spring 2017 Housing

Assignments will be made in two waves and then daily after January 2nd. Please note that once you submit your contract you are entering into an agreement to live on-campus for Spring 2017. You will be contacted once you are assigned during the posted assignment dates, if you have a question about your assignment please ask it before you sign a lease off-campus as you will be held financially responsible for your assigned space.

December 16, 2016: All applications & contracts submitted between November 7th and December 14th

December 24, 2016: All applications & contracts submitted between December 15th and December 24th

January 04, 2017: All applications & contracts submitted between December 24th and January 4th

Fall 2016 Housing

New Resident 2016-2017 Application Contract Available on November 7th

Returning Resident Nesting Process: April 1st & 2nd

Returning Resident Application Process: April 4th-8th

Meal Plan Only Contracts

Enrolled Illinois Tech and VanderCook students living off campus or in the Greek Quad are eligible to apply for a Meal Plans within the first 6 weeks of each semester. Meal Plan Only Contracts are eligble for renewal each semester. 


All contracts are active for the entire 2016-2017 academic school year with the exception of Spring 2016 Only contracts that will only be applicable to a single semester. Any students beginning a new contract after the start date may be eligible for a prorated rate based on dates of access. Billing is applied within the dates provided by Student Accounting, all payments must be made through your student account. 

2016-2017 Room & Board Rates

Student Accounting/Bursar's Office


Your Housing contract spells out what we will do for you—and what you agree to do in return. Once you sign it, the contract is legal and binding and cannot be broken except in very specific situations.

  • You agree to pay us the full amount of room, board (if applicable) and other fees or charges assessed under the terms of the contract until the contract is completed or is terminated by Residence and Greek Life.
  • The contract is binding until the contract period expires or you withdraw from Illinois Tech/VanderCook College of Music.
  • When you sign your Housing contract, you agree to everything listed within the document, including the cancellation terms.
  • Your Housing contract is NOT automatically renewed from year to year. If you live in a residence hall and you plan to stay with us for a second year (or third or fourth), you will need to participate in the Nesting and Room Selection process that begins each year in April. If you wish to live with us over the summer, you will need to apply for that term seperately.
  • Contract termination is essential if you are leaving University Housing for any reason, including study abroad, leave of absence or withdrawal from the University. Even if the contract has not yet begun, please notify Residence and Greek Life immediately if you will not be an enrolled at Illinois Tech/VanderCook. For more information, see Section Q of your contract for cancellation terms.
  • Meal Plan changes (if applicable) can be made as often as necessary within the first two weeks of the semester for new residents, and last two weeks of the current semester for continuing residents.