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Options and Rates

Options and Rates 

Residential Meal Plans

All meal plan offerings are designed to provide the most value for students in the Commons Dining Hall. The Commons is an “all you care to eat” venue and allows a wide variety of food options for students. From a fresh salad bar to made-to-order pasta and stir-fry, students will experience a wide range of flavors and options. Deli sandwiches grilled and fried items, as well as, comfort-foods are available all day in the Commons.

All first- and second-year undergraduate students living on campus are required to have the Hawk Unlimited Plan. All other undergraduate residents living in units without an in-unit kitchen are required to have either the Hawk Unlimited or Scarlet 230 meal plan. Residents with in-unit kitchens may select the Gray 150. However, any student can purchase a meal plan of greater value at any time. Graduate and Continuing Education Students living on campus are not required to have a meal plan.

All plans offer bonus points that can be use at any retail location on campus.

Commuter Plans and Tech Cash

Commuter students are an important part of our community and are invited to purchase a meal plan.  All plans listed below are available to Commuter students.

If you are interested in purchasing either of the Hawk Unlimited plans, please fill out the following link commuter meal plan.

Meal Plan Choices for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

Meal Plan
Meals                         (Sunday to Saturday)
Bonus Points (per semester)
Meal Exchanges (per semester)
Guest Passes       (per semester)
2020-2021 Academic Year Rate (per person)
2020-2021 Charge per Semester (per person)

Hawk Unlimited

Unlimited visits to the Commons Dining Hll






Scarlet 230

230 per semester






Gray 150

150 per semester






Commuter Meal Plans
Meals               (Sundayto Saturday)
Bonus Points (per semester)
Meal Exchanges (per semester)
Guest Passes (per semester)
2020-2021 Academic Year Rate (per person)
2020-2021 Charge Per Semester (per person)

Talon 50

50 per semester






$500 Bonus Points








Your HawkCard also serves as your meal card. All students are expected to present their card upon entering the Commons or at the point of sale at retail locations on campus. The card holder must be present to activate meals swipes, bonus points, and/or meal exchanges. Specific information on dining hours, menus, and retail locations visit

Bonus Points

Bonus points are declining balance funds that can be used for meals or snacks at any IIT Dining location on campus. Unused bonus points roll from Fall to Spring Semester with an active spring meal plan and expire at the end of the Academic year.

Note that unused bonus points only roll over with an active Spring meal plan.

Meal Exchanges

Meal exchanges can be used during the lunch or dinner hours at most IIT Dining retail locations on campus. Each location has its own unique meal exchange menu from which students can chose. Meal exchanges typically include an entrée, side, and beverage. Unused meal exchanges do not carry over from semester to semester.

Re-Usable To-Go Program

Too busy to stay and eat in the Commons? All meal plan participants are eligible to participate in the “Re-Usable to go program”.  This program includes a re-usable box for students to use in The Commons during normal business hours.  Students may fill their box during the meal period with any items offered that day. After use, students can exchange their used container for a clean one at any time. 

Additional Meal Plan Inquireis

For any questions about your meal plan, please contact

 Dining Hours

Please visit to see the hours of operation, location information, and menus.