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Dining Options and Rates

Residential Meal Plan Requirements

All meal plan offerings are designed to provide the most value for students in the Commons Dining Hall. The Commons is an “all you care to eat” venue and allows a wide variety of food options for students. From a fresh salad bar to made-to-order pasta and stir-fry, students will experience a wide range of flavors and options. Deli sandwiches grilled and fried items, as well as, comfort-foods are available all day in the Commons.

All first- and second-year undergraduate students living on campus are required to have the All-Access Plan or the Flex 300. All other undergraduate & graduate residents living in units without an in-unit kitchen are required to have a minimum of the Block 230 meal plan. Residents with in-unit kitchens must select at least the Block 50. However, any student can purchase a meal plan of greater value at any time. 

You can adjust your meal plan to a lower available option with the rules above through September 4th, 2021 which is the add/drop deadline for the term.  The only approved changes after this date are students adding a higher meal plan or who have recieved an approved accomodation.  

Meal Plan Options for the 2021-2022 Academic Year


Academic Year Cost

Semester Cost

Meal Swipes

Meal Exchanges

Guest Meals

Bonus Points included

Options Available for Students in Traditional Rooms w/Out In-Unit Kitchens

All Access $7,204.00 $3,602.00 Unlimited 35 10 $100.00
Flex 300 $6,890.00 $3,445.00 300 30 $50.00
Block 230 $5,512.00 $2,756.00 230 23 $75.00

Additional Options Available for Students in rooms w/In-Unit Kitchens

Block 150 $3,954.00 $1,977.00 150 15


Block 50 $1,744.00 $872.00 50 25 $200.00

Bonus Points & Meal Exchanges

Bonus points are declining balance funds that can be used for meals or snacks at any IIT Dining location on campus. Unused bonus points roll from Fall to Spring Semester with an active spring meal plan and expire at the end of the Academic year.  Note that unused bonus points only roll over with an active Spring meal plan.

Meal exchanges can be used during the lunch or dinner hours at most IIT Dining retail locations on campus. Each location has its own unique meal exchange menu from which students can chose. Meal exchanges typically include an entrée, side, and beverage. Unused meal exchanges do not carry over from semester to semester.

Special Dietary Accomodations

The Illinois Tech Culinary and Hospitality Services Team cares about the individual needs of all students. We understand that students have varied and evolving needs when it comes to their diet. We invite you to speak with a team member to discuss any concerns or preferences you might have regarding food on campus. Please contact if you would like to meet with a team member.

In the event a medical or religious accommodation is needed, please fill out the corresponding form and send it to

Medical Accommodation

Religious Accommodation