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Options and Rates

Residential Meal Plans

Illinois Tech requires all undergraduate students living on-campus to participate in the Meal Plan Program. Undergraduate students may select between the Hawk 21, Hawk 19, Hawk 14, or Hawk 175 meal plans. Additionally, undergraduate students living in apartments with private kitchens may select the Hawk 50 meal plan. Graduate students without access to an in-unit private kitchen are required to select either a Hawk 21, Hawk 19, Hawk 14, or Hawk 175 meal plan. Graduate students living in Graduate Hall may opt to participate in the Grad Hall Kitchen Program (see below). Meal swipes may be used in the Commons during posted hours of operation Sunday through Saturday. Each plan has a limited number of meal exchanges available that allow residents to utilize their meal swipes outside of the Commons. Each participating retail location has a designated menu detailing what exchanges can be used for. Unused meals do not carry over from week to week, except for the Hawk 175 and Hawk 50 plans. Failure to use the meal plan does not cancel the student’s financial responsibility for paying for the meal plan. 

Commuter Plans and Tech Cash

Non-residential students are invited to participate in Illinois Tech’s meal plan program. Meal Plan Only contracts are available each semester for submission online. Commuters may select the plan that best suits their needs. Commuters are encouraged to check with their financial aid packages (if applicable) to ensure coverage of their desired meal plan prior to submitting a contract. Failure to use the meal plan does not cancel the student’s financial responsibility for paying for the meal plan.  This meal plan option will be available on August 1, 2017.

Additionally, Tech Cash can be purchased through Access Card and Parking Services. Tech Cash is ideal for students who wish to purchase items at IIT dining facilities that don't serve full meals.

Meal Plan Choices for the 2017-2018 Academic Year

Meal Plan
Meals per week (Sunday to Saturday)
Bonus Points (per semester)
Meal Exchanges (per semester)
Guest Option
2017-2018 Academic Year Rate (per person)
2017-2018 Charge per Semester (per person)

Hawk 21 Meal Plan







Hawk 19 Meal Plan







Hawk 14 Meal Plan*







Hawk 175 Meal Plan

175 per semester






Hawk 50 Meal Plan

50 per semester






*Default meal plan for on-campus residents who select a meal plan outside of their eligibility


Your HawkCard serves as your meal card. Present your card upon entering the Commons or at the point of sale for use at retail locations. The cardholder must be present for meals/bonus points/exchanges to be used.

Bonus Points

Bonus points are declining balance funds that can be used for meals or snacks at any IIT Dining location on campus. At the end of the fall semester, unused bonus points will roll over into the spring semester. Any unused bonus points will expire at the conclusion of the contracted Academic Year.

Meal Exchanges

Meal exchanges can be used during the lunch or dinner hours at most IIT Dining retail locations on campus. Each location has its own unique exchange menu posted that students can choose from. Meal exchanges typically include an entrée, side, and beverage. Meal exchanges do not carry over from semester to semester.

Graduate Hall Kitchen Program

Residents of Graduate Hall whose class standing is designated as “graduate” are eligible to apply for the Grad Hall Kitchen Program. Interested parties must follow all posted steps in order to qualify for participation in the Grad Hall Kitchen Program. Detailed information on the timeline and process will be emailed to eligible residents. Kitchen keys are limited in number and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Express Meals

Too busy to eat in the Commons? All meal plan holders are able to utilize the Express Meal option during the lunch and dinner hours by visiting the Commons between 11:15am-2:30 pm and 4:30pm-9:00 pm. Express Meals will count as a meal swipe not an exchange.

Changing Your Meal Plan

During the fall semester, all meal plan holders have the option to change their meal plan within the first two weeks of classes. Requested changes may take up to 10 days to process due to high volume and student eligibility will be considered before a meal plan is changed. All changes go into effect on Sunday after approval is granted. For the spring semester, current residents will have the ability to change their meal plan during the last two weeks of the fall semester. New residents will be able to request a change during the first two weeks of classes of the spring semester. Any changes outside of the designated meal plan change periods are subject to proration and may be denied if a student has exceeded designated usage.

Cancelling Your Meal Plan

Meal plans can only be canceled if you are either canceling your housing contract or are a commuter requesting to cancel for the spring prior to the conclusion of the fall semester. Moving rooms does not automatically cancel or change your meal plan. Mid-year cancellations are subject to proration for time on the meal plan. The Hawk 175 and Hawk 50 cannot be prorated and terminators are expected to pay for the meal plan in full.

 Special Dining Hours

The dining schedule for each semester, late summer, and during school breaks are as follows:

Fall Semester and Winter Break

  • Fall meal plans start on the designated date of your approved move in at lunch and end with dinner the Saturday of Finals Week. 
  • The Commons is closed and there are limited meal options over Winter Break starting the Sunday after Fall Finals until the Monday of Spring classes.

Spring Semester and Finals

  • Spring meal plans start with breakfast the first day of Spring classes and end with dinner the Saturday of finals week.
  • The Commons is closed and there are limited meal options the Sunday of spring semester finals through the Monday of summer classes.

Summer Finals to Fall Opening Day

The Commons is closed and there are limited meal options the Sunday of summer finals through Opening Day, the Wednesday prior to the start of fall classes.