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Moving In

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Spring 2021 Move in

COVID-19 Housing Updates

Please stay informed and up to date with all University and City COVID-19 protocols and procedures.  If you are coming from an area that requires a mandatory 14 day quarentine, please plan your trip accodingly as to not impact the start of your courses on January 19, 2021. 

Spring semester move-in will begin at 9am on Monday, January 4th 2021.

Students may continue to move in after that date.  Students needing to obtain their Hawk ID card or international students needing to check-in with the International Center should do so FIRST prior to moving in.

Accommodations for early arrivals prior to January 4, 2021 will be reviewed and approved on room availabilty. You should complete the Early Arrival Form if you would like to be considered for early move in.


  • Submit your ID photo prior to arrival to have your ID printed for you upon arrival. 
  • If you need a moving truck, you are bringing too much! However, a dolly or hand truck will be helpful for a quick move in.
  • Label your boxes! Pack smaller boxes that are not too heavy. Not all buildings have elevators, and it is common for lines to be very long when waiting for the elevator.
  • Recruit family and friends to assist you. When you are unloading your car and getting your belongings up to your room quickly, it is beneficial to have helping hands.
  • Bring your patience. Office of Residence Life staff will be at all buildings to make your Move-In day seamless. Traffic can be heavy with nearly 1,500 residents and families moving in.
  • Observe all parking restrictions and traffic patterns. Don’t park in fire lanes, service areas, driving lanes, roadways, or other areas not designated for parking.


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