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Facilities and Maintenance

Facilities and Maintenance (Residence Life Only)

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The Office of Residence Life partners with IIT Facilities and ABM custodial staff to maintain the residence halls, apartment buildings, and sorority houses on campus. The Housing Facilities team includes 9 mechanics, 4 utility workers, and 10-15 custodial staff. The mechanical staff (Local 73) maintain the heating and cooling systems, plumbing, electrical, and respond to general carpentry needs. The utility worker staff (Local 1) clean and maintain Carman and Gunsaulus Halls. The custodial staff (ABM) clean common areas in MSV, Jeanne and John Rowe Village, and the sororities.

The ORL central office is the main point of contact in any facilities related concerns or questions. The office works directly with the Facilities Area Supervisor and the Custodial Supervisor to ensure efficient operations in the residence halls, apartments, and sororities in addition to working closely with the Fraternities to develop and execute maintenance plans/projects. ORL oversees areas like Pest Control, life safety systems, cable television and laundry contracts, appliance and furniture repair/replacement, painting, signs, and notices.

This web page includes all the information and links that you need to report maintenance concerns to our office as well as information regarding reporting issues to other offices.

Maintenance Requests 

Maintenance Requests should be submitted through our Maintenance Portal (HawkWorks) online.

(Log-in using your credentials and select 'Submit a New Maintenance Request'.)

Maintenance Requests are prioritized in the order in which they are received as well as the urgency of the issue. Maintenance Requests are typically completed within 10 business days. Maintenance may be performed in resident rooms between 9AM-9PM daily, except in emergencies. Whenever possible, residents will be notified in advance of planned maintenance, however, emergencies may prevent advance notice.

Please see below for more information about specific maintenance concerns.

Emergency Repairs (Evenings, Weekends, and Holidays)

The Maintenance Request System is monitored during business hours, Monday - Friday, 8:30AM - 5:00PM.

Emergency Concerns occurring outside of these hours should be reported to your Resident Advisor, Public Safety at 312.808.6300, or the Community Desk for your building.

Some examples of emergency maintenance concerns include:

  • Overflowing plumbing or severe leaks
  • Clogged toilets in buildings without community bathrooms
  • Electrical outages
  • Broken windows/doors/locks
  • If in doubt, contact our staff to figure it out

Pest Control

The Office of Residence Life partners with an outside contractor to provide pest control services. Pest Control concerns should be reported by submitting a Maintenance Request online.

Our Pest Control Technician is scheduled to be on campus on Tuesday mornings, Pest Control concerns will be addressed on the next scheduled pest control day.

Bed Bugs

Although cases of bed bugs are rare, they do occur. The Office of Residence Life has procedures in place to prevent the spread of bed bugs on campus. You can read more about these procedures here.

If you suspect that you might have bed bugs, please submit a Maintenance Request online. 

Lost Keys  

Residents are encouraged to carry their Student ID and room/mailbox keys with them at all times. In Jeanne and John Rowe Village & Kacek Hall, the Student ID serves as the room key. Lost room keys should be reported immediately to the Office of Residence Life by submitting a Maintenance Request.

After submitting a Maintenance Request, residents may retrieve a temporary key from our office. The resident who reported losing their key will be assessed a Lock Change Fee of $120.00 and locks will be changed as soon as possible. Lost mailbox keys must be reported directly to the MTCC Post Office and will result in a Key Replacement Fee of $35.00. Lost IDs must be reported to Access Card and Parking Services.

If a resident's key(s) were stolen, the resident must provide a copy of the associated police or Public Safety report as part of the appeals process in order for fees to be waived.

Laundry Service Requests 

Residence Life partners with Access Card and Parking Services as well as an outside vendor to service and maintain the laundry rooms on campus.

Vending Machines 

Vending Machines are maintained by an outside vendor in partnership with Access Card and Parking Services.

Report vending machine issues and/or request a refund:

Computer/Phone/Network Concerns

Any concerns or requests regarding computers, land-line telephone service, or internet access should be submitted through the OTS Portal Site or by emailing Concerns regarding Cable TV in any ORL Facility should be reported to the Office of Residence Life by submitting a Maintenance Request.

Room Condition Form

Room Condition Forms should be reviewed and completed online.

(Log-in using your credentials and select 'Resident Room Condition Form')

Room Condition Forms document the condition of a resident's room before and after occupancy. Staff inspects all rooms prior to a resident's arrival and residents are responsible for verifying the conditions of their room within 48 hours of moving-in.

Any damages discovered during a move-out inspection, which were not previously recorded may result in fees being assessed to the resident(s) of the room/apartment.

If a resident fails to submit their Resident Room Condition Form by the indicated deadline, the form will be automatically completed with the conditions indicated during the Initial Staff Inspection.

Lofts and MicroFridges

Residents of MSV, Carman, Gunsaulus, or Jeanne and John Rowe Village South who wish to loft their beds may do so by renting from BedLoft. Only lofts rented through BedLoft are approved for use in the residence halls. To order a loft, please visit:

Any non-approved lofts will need to be removed by the resident immediately and may result in fees or charges assessed to the resident. All university-provided furniture, including bed legs, must remain in the room to which it is allocated. Bed legs should fit neatly at the back of the closet or under the lofted bed. Lofts must be dismantled before checking-out at the end of your contract. Residents should also review the terms of the BedLoft contract. Due to furniture configurations, lofts are not available in Jeanne and John Rowe Village North/Middle (as of 2015-2016). also has MicroFridge units available for rent and futons available to purchase, which will also be delivered to your room before you arrive if ordered by the indicated deadline. Renting a MicroFridge is the only way for residents of MSV, Kacek, and Jeanne and John Rowe Village North/Middle to have microwaves in their rooms.


Moving and adjusting furniture may be done at the discretion of the residents of the room/apartment. All university furniture must remain in the room/apartment to which it has been allocated by IIT staff. Furniture must be returned to its original configuration prior to move-out.

Fraternity and Sorority Dumpster Requests

Illinois Tech has partnered with LakeShore Recycling Systems to serve all waste management needs on campus. Fraternity and Sorority houses who require additional garbage/recycling service, including additional dumpsters for special projects or Clean-Up Week must submit a request through our office. IIT Facilities will bill the houses directly for the costs associated with this service.

Dumpster Requests should be emailed to

Damage Billing and Appeals 

Residents are notified regarding any fees assessed to their Student Account by email. This notification also includes information regarding the appeals process. Please refer to the Residence Life Handbook for more information.

Damage Charge Listing and Appeal Form Link coming soon!

Residence Life Handbook 

The Residence Life Handbook contains detailed information about Residence Life Policies and Procedures. The ORL Handbook can be viewed online at: Residence Life Handbook

If you have any other questions regarding maintenance in the residence halls, apartments, or Chapter Houses, please contact our office.