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Academic Resources

The academic and extracurricular workload at IIT is large, but not unmanageable. There are many well-established, official academic resources accompanied by a general environment of support that can help 1st year students ace classes while maintaining high involvement in his/her community.

Academic Advisors

Academic advisors provide information and advice for students to make informed decisions on class selection based on that student's needs and aspirations. The name and email address of your Academic Advisor can be found in the Academics tab of the myIIT portal.

Academic Resource Center (ARC)

The Academic Resource Center is an on-campus tutoring center aimed at 1st and 2nd year students, offering both free one-on-one tutoring and coordinated group sessions. The Center is located in the north-west corner of Hermann Hall, and can be contacted at their webpage or by email at

Galvin Library (GL)

The Galvin Library, located in the west side of Siegel Hall, provides an excellent study environment as well as a fully staffed and stocked academic and literary collection. The library website  provides links to online databases, and the Librarians themselves can help procure literary and academic sources for any composition. 


Besides sharing their vast knowledge in class, professors answer questions during their office hours. Office hours vary from professor to professor and are discussed at the beginning of each semester and displayed in the course syllabus. Many professors, especially those who teach first year classes, love having study sessions before tests.

Teaching assistants (TAs)

In addition to Faculty members, TA staff are available as a student resource. Teaching Assistants have office hours, answer questions, and are available to lead study sessions.

Resident Advisors (RAs)

Besides fostering a learning community on each floor in the residence halls, RAs are able to direct students to resources, or even help directly with the matter at hand. 


Besides wanting to be your friends, your peers at IIT want to feel good by helping someone else and foster a community of learners. Classmates provide an excellent and comprehensive source for students to learn both about IIT and academic subjects.