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Name Services Provided Contact Information On-Campus?

Student Assistance
Plan (SAP)

IIT’s Student Assistance Plan includes a 24-hour hotline where students have access to trained clinicians who can confidentially aid with stress, depression, and other emotional concerns.

Hotline​: 1.877.351.7889

School code: IIT


Center for Disability Resources

Assists those experiencing long-term effects from an illness, injury, or crisis by offering resources and securing reasonable academic accommodations.

10 W 35th Street, 3rd Floor, Chicago, IL 60616


Academic Resource Center (ARC)

Provides academic support such as tutoring services, a computer lab, workshops, supplemental instruction, and exam reviews free of charge for IIT students.

Hermann Hall, HH-115, 3241 S Federal Street, Chicago, IL 60616
Phone: 1.312.567.5216
Text: 1.312.896.2722


Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office Serves as a support for all students and addresses issues that could positively or negatively impact student life at IIT. Can assist with housing, registration, leaves of absence, or requesting a grade change.

McCormick Tribune Campus Center, Room 209, 3201 S State Street, Chicago, IL 60616