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What should I do if I or a friend have experienced sexual harassment/ misconduct? 

The decision whether to report incidents of sexual harassment/ misconduct rests with the person who has experienced such behavior. We encourage everyone to report. You may file a report with the Title IX Coordinator (Virginia Foster, 312.567.5725), and/or Office of Public Safety (312.808.6300). Those seeking support can also speak with confidential, licensed professionals at the Student Health and Wellness Center.

Please visit the resources page to explore additional options that may fit your needs.

What should I do if I am uncertain about whether what I experienced constitutes sexual harassment/misconduct?

If you believe you have been subjected to sexual harassment/ misconduct, you should contact the Title IX Coordinator (Virginia Foster, 312.567.5725) who can help you and provide you with options.

Does the complaint remain confidential?

In cases of sexual harassment/ misconduct, Illinois Tech will protect the privacy of all parties to the extent possible. If students wish to speak confidentially, they may do so with the licensed practitioners in the Student Health and Wellness Center or a Confidential Advisor. Those individuals are obligated by law to maintain confidentiality.

Will the responding party know my identity if I file a Title IX complaint?

Yes. The responding party will be made aware of allegations made against them. Regarding participation, both parties may choose to participate in investigative and hearing (if applicable) procedures at a level that is comfortable to them. In the event of a hearing, parties are not permitted to directly question one another unless both parties agree to such questioning in writing.

Am I protected from retaliation?

Illinois Tech policy and applicable laws prohibit retaliation in any form. Ilinois Tech will take immediate and responsive action against reports of retaliation.

What do I do if I am accused of sexual harassment/ misconduct?

You may contact the Title IX Coordinator (Virginia Foster, 312.567.5725) who will assist you in navigating the university process, explain your rights and options, and direct you to resources.

What is the time frame for resolving a Title IX complaint? 

We will move as quickly as possible and in accordance with applicable law to resolve any complaints of sexual harassment/ misconduct. You should receive updates as to the status of your case throughout the resolution process as well. 

How do I file a complaint of sexual harassment/ misconduct?

Any person who has been the subject of such harassment may file a complaint alleging violation of the policy prohibiting sexual harassment/ misconduct by contacting the Title IX Coordinator (Virginia Foster, 312.567.5725). You may also report online.

What are additional resources for the Illinois Tech community?

Illinois Tech is committed to treating all individuals with dignity, care, and respect. Any individual affected by sexual harassment/ misconduct will have equal access to support and counseling services through the Student Health and Wellness Center. We encourage IIT community members to seek the support of campus and community resources. Illinois Tech can provide guidance in making decisions and obtaining information about available resources.

FAQs for Responsible Employees

When do I need to make a report?

When a member of the Illinois Tech community tells you that they have experienced sexual harassment/ misconduct, you must report immediately to the university.

As a responsible employee, how soon must I report this information to the university?

You should make the report immediately after you become aware of an incident, whether the disclosure is first or secondhand.

Do I need to report if the incident took place off-campus?

Location of sexual harassment/ misconduct is irrelevant. If a person experienced sexual harassment/ misconduct on or off-campus, you should report it to the university.

What if a student tells me they have already reported or plan to report to the university?

You should still report the incident. Some students intend to report and then face barriers in doing so. We would rather have duplicate reports than have an incident go unreported.

If I am a faculty member, is it helpful to include information about Title IX in my syllabus? 

Similar to the way you present a statement about disability and access in your syllabus, you can inform students of your role as a Responsible Employee and explain that you are required to report instances of sexual misconduct and harassment. You can also provide contact information for the Title IX Office.

Upon what sounds like sounds like the beginning of a disclosure, how can I tell a student that I am a responsible employee?

In an effort to fully inform students and retain their trust, if you hear what sounds like the beginning of a disclosure, politely stop the student in a calm tone. Try to use language similar to below:

“May I stop you before you continue? I just want you to be fully-informed of your options before moving forward. I want you to feel comfortable confiding in me, but under federal law, I am a responsible employee. This means I am mandated to report any sexual harassment, misconduct, or discrimination that I learn of to the university, who will attempt to investigate and resolve the matter. Again, I am more than happy to listen, but know that if you are not ready to begin any formal processes at this time, there are other people you can speak to with whom you can remain confidential.”

Then refer the students to the resources list on the webpage, counselors at the Student Health and Wellness Center, and Confidential Advisors.