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Under federal law, Title IX Coordinators are responsible for providing equitable education environments for students, staff, and faculty on campus. They are responsible for addressing instances of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and gender discrimination on campus.

Virginia Foster

Title IX Coordinator
Phone: 312.567.5725

Esther Espeland

Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Phone: 312.567.5726

Office of Public Safety
Phone: 312.808.6300

Confidential Advisors

In addition, Illinois law has established the recognized role of “Confidential Advisor”, which is as an individual retained by a higher education institution who has certain mandated training and has the duty and ability to provide emergency and ongoing support to students who have experienced sexual misconduct. Illinois Tech has elected to contract for Confidential Advisor services. The provider of such services is:

Resilience, located 180 N Michigan Avenue, Suite 600, Chicago, Illinois 60601. The phone number for students needing to access Resilience's 24-hour Confidential Advisor services is 773-907-1062.

Under Illinois law, communications between a Confidential Advisor and an individual who has experienced sexual misconduct and all records related thereto are to remain confidential, unless (i) the survivor consents to a disclosure in writing, (ii) disclosure is mandated by law or court order, or (iii) failure to disclose such communication would result in a clear, imminent risk of serious physical injury to or death of the individual or another.  In addition, a Confidential Advisor shall, on a monthly basis, report to Illinois Tech’s Title IX Coordinator the number and type of incidents of sexual misconduct reported exclusively to the Confidential Advisor so as to permit Illinois Tech to fulfill its crime reporting obligations under state and federal law.

In the course of working with an individual who has experienced sexual misconduct, a Confidential Advisor will (i) inform him or her of the choice of possible next steps regarding reporting options and possible outcomes, whether through Illinois Tech’s policies and procedures or local law enforcement; (ii) notify him or her of the resources and services available to him or her, both on and off campus; (iii) discuss with him or her orders of protection and no contact orders; (iv) provide confidential services to and have privileged, confidential communications with him or her in accordance with Section 8-804 of the Illinois Code of Civil Procedure; and (v) at his or her request, liaise with and assist in contacting and reporting to Illinois tech officials, local law enforcement or community-based sexual assault crisis centers as well as to secure accommodations (as defined below) from Illinois Tech.

Student Health and Wellness Center

Illinois Tech’s Student Health and Wellness Center has licensed health professionals who can meet with victims on a professional basis and discuss matters in confidence. Staff members of the Student Health and Wellness Center, whose official responsibilities include providing mental health counseling to members of the student body, when acting within the scope of their license or certification, are generally obligated by law to maintain confidentiality, and these individuals when so acting are not required by law to report criminal offenses, including sexual misconduct, about which they are informed.