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Why Should I Join?

Interested in joining a fraternity or sorority? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about recruitment. Contact with any additional inquiries about fraternity and sorority life.

Why Should I Join a Greek Organization?

Fraternal organizations provide their members with a built-in support system of friends and resources throughout a member's time at IIT and after graduation. There are opportunities for philanthropy, service, leadership, scholarship, and social activities.

Does it Cost Money to Join?

Joining a fraternity or sorority carries a financial obligation. Each fraternal organization has membership fees or "dues," which vary by organization. Each chapter is self-supporting through dues paid by their members. Dues are used for a variety of services and purposes, from operating costs for the chapter to scholastic programming. Speak directly with the organizations you are interested in to learn a complete breakdown of their membership fees and what they are used for. Although chapters may make accommodations for special needs, students should discuss the financial obligations with their parent(s) or guardian(s) before deciding to join.

What is and When is Recruitment?

At Illinois Tech, recruitment is held in the fall during the first week of classes. Each fraternity and sorority hosts events for students interested in learning more about their organizations.; however, most of the chapters also have semester-long recruitment. Click here to check out the Greek Council calendar for upcoming recruitment events.