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Event Planning

Fraternity and Sorority Events

Social Events, as defined in the 2017-2018 Student Handbook will follow the proper guest list and time line.

Non-Social Events, will follow the guidelines below:

Register Events on HawkLink for the following reasons, 3 business days in advance:

  •  Recruitment Events (Greek Council requirement)
  • Events with Significant Risk - anything that involves members/potential new members/guest having to sign a waiver or notifying Public Safety. This includesoff-campus events! 
  • Social Events with other organizations
  • Fundraising Events - Campus Life Liaison can help follow lIT procedures
  • Events that Require Room Reservations

Social Event Tips and Tricks

  • Serve unsalted food and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Set a starting and ending time for the event
  • Keep people away from roofs, open windows, balconies, open wells and docks
  • Provide safe transportation - a designated driver program or third party transportation service
  • Post signs which indicate your chapter complies with and enforces laws and policies with respect to alcohol
  • Do not use alcohol as the main attraction
  • Do not allow bottles
  • If someone is intoxicated, make sure that he or she is taken care of properly
  • Hire security
  • Have a procedure or policy defined with dealing with difficult guests
  • "After hours" parties are not encouraged - often many of the guests who will attend are already intoxicated, which will increase your liability exposure