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Faculty Handbook

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  1. Introduction

  2. Mission

  3. Academic Governance

  4. Conditions of Academic Appointment

  5. Professional Concerns

  6. Faculty Responsibilities

  7. Responsibilities in Student-Faculty Relationships

  8. Sabbatical Leaves and Leaves of Absence

  9. Terminations

  10. Compensation, Personnel Records and Benefits Offered


  1. Constitution of the Faculty of Illinois Institute of Technology

  2. By-Laws of the Faculty of Illinois Institute of Technology

  3. Standards and Procedures for Promotion and Tenure

  4. Suggested Outline for the Preparation of Curriculum Vitae

  5. Procedures for the Search for, and the Review of, Academic Deans and Directors

  6. Procedures for Selection, Retention, and Replacement of Department Chairs

  7. Procedures for the Search for Provost

  8. IIT Policy on Joint Faculty Appointments

  9. Procedures for Addressing Faculty Academic Grievances

  10. Suspension and Termination of Faculty Members

  11. Patent and Copyright Policy

  12. Review of Alleged Research Misconduct

  13. Policy on Sexual Harassment

  14. Privacy Rights and Access to Educational Records

  15. Honorific Title: Distinguished Professor

  16. Process for Changes in Policy, Procedure, and Curriculum, and for Elimination of Degrees and Programs

  17. Policies and Procedures Relating to Non-Tenure Track Ranks

  18. Standards for Extending the Probationary Period of Tenure-Track Faculty

  19. Authorship


This Supplement is included with the Faculty Handbook for convenience, and it contains policies which do not require faculty approval. It is a compilation of administrative polices that apply to IIT faculty members, staff and students. The policies contained in this Supplement do not include all such administrative policies; rather, they include those likely to be of particular relevance or interest to faculty members.

The policies included are listed below. Please note all of these policies are on-line. Although the General Counsel's Office will make every effort to ensure that this Supplement is updated to reflect any changes, users should check the on-line version of policies to verify they are looking at the most current version.


  1. Student Policies

    1. Academic Honesty Policy

    2. Student Code of Conduct

    3. Policy on Varsity Athletics

  2. Faculty Benefit Policies

    1. Faculty Family Policy

    2. Third Month Summer Salary from Federally Funded Grants

    3. Procedures for Implementation of Summer Salary Policy

    4. Tuition Remission Taxation Policy

  3. Selected Items from the Policies and Procedures Handbook

    1. Reservations and Use of University Facilities on the IIT Main Campus

    2. Reservations and Use of IIT Facilities at the Conviser Law Center

    3. Insurance Claims Filing Procedure

    4. Equipment Losses

    5. Safety, Identification, Classification and Handling of Hazardous Materials and Waste

    6. Disposal of Surplus Goods or Obsolete Equipment

    7. Insurance Requirements for Third Parties

    8. Proposals for Sponsored Projects

    9. Publications Policy, Names and Seals

    10. Travel

    11. Graduate College: Stipends and Graduate Assistants

    12. Administrator and Non-Investigator Faculty Member Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Policy

    13. Investigator Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Policy

    14. Prohibition on the Acceptance of Gifts

    15. Investigations and Complaints

    16. Authority for Negotiation and Approval of Contracts

    17. Use of Computer Resources

    18. Record and E-mail Retention

    19. Requests from Law Enforcement

    20. Faculty Companies

    21. Student Travel Policy

    22. Social Media Policy

    23. Volunteers and Unpaid Interns

  4. Selected Safety Committee Policies

    1. Incident Investigation Policy and Incident Investigation Form

    2. Laboratory and Workshop Safety Policy

    3. Laboratory Safety Inspection Policy

    4. Chemical Hygiene Policy for Lab Safety Standards

    5. Vacant Laboratory Guide

  5. Academic Related Policies

    1. Appointment of Part-time and Adjunct Faculty

    2. Honorary Degree Policy

    3. Joint Degree Programs

    4. Research Associate and Senior Research Associate Appointment Responsibilities and Procedures

    5. Visiting Researcher - Appointment Responsibilities and Procedures

    6. Interdisciplinary Degree Policy

    7. Policy on Joint Appointments with External Entities

    8. Faculty Search Procedures

    9. Endowed Chair Policy

    10. PI Eligibility
  6. Business and Operation Related Policies

    1. Political Activity on Campus Policy

    2. IIT Purchasing Manual

    3. Standards of Ethics and Business Conduct

  7. Services for Faculty

    1. Support Services for University Activities

    2. Communications

    3. Auxiliary Activities and Services

    4. IIT Accommodations and Amenities