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Internal Forms

Advanced Expenditure Authorizatio (AEA)
Establishes pre-award spending (usually 90 days prior to the projected start date of the award) as well as securing a backup account in the event the award is not made or unallowable expenses are charged during the pre-award period.

Banner Finance Security Form
Provides individuals access to a particular fund/org approved by the owner of the fund.

Payroll Authorization Form
Charges salary based upon effort as well as allocation of dates to a particular fund.

Travel and Business Expense Reimbursement
Only use for expenses through 12/31/2016

Travel and Business Expense Reimbursement
Use for expenses incurred 1/1/2017 and later

Reallocation Form Bi-weekly and Monthly Salary
Requests a correction (or redistribution) of salary previously charged.
Bi-weekly Reallocation Form
Monthly Reallocation Form

Cost Transfer Form
This form is utilized to correct non-salary expenses that were previously charged to a fund (maximum 90 days from initial charge is allowed to initiate a cost transfer) See cost transfer policy.

Consulting Services Agreement
Establishes an agreement for services between IIT and a third party consultant hired on a grant.  This should be established prior to any work being conducted.

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