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Program Requirements

Undergraduate Program Requirements

IIT considers co-terminal students to be degree-seeking, full-time, undergraduate students.

Co-terminal degrees are awarded simultaneously, but need not be completed simultaneously. The undergraduate degree requirements may be completed in advance of the graduate degree requirements. In such cases, the undergraduate degree will be held until the completion of the graduate degree. Graduate degree requirements must be completed within 12 months of the undergraduate degree requirements.

All undergraduate academic and discipline-specific rules apply to the undergraduate degree. Co-terminal students who do not earn at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA, a 1.85 term GPA, a 2.0 major GPA, or who do not maintain satisfactory academic progress are placed on undergraduate academic probation. Co-terminal students who are placed on undergraduate academic probation may be dismissed from the co-terminal program in a future semester.

Graduate Program Requirements

Students who are admitted to a co-terminal degree program follow all graduate academic rules in force at the time of admission to the program and throughout its completion. For the graduate program in a co-terminal degree, good academic standing requires a 3.00/4.0 cumulative graduate GPA each semester of enrollment. If the cumulative graduate GPA falls below 3.00, at the completion of any semester, the student will be placed on graduate academic probation and may be dismissed from the graduate program of the co-terminal degree in a future semester.

Shared Credit and Non-Shared Credit

IIT allows co-terminal students to share up to 9 credit hours between their undergraduate and graduate programs; however, some co-terminal programs allow a smaller amount of shared credit or no shared credit. Please consult your co-terminal adviser for details.

Also note that up to a total of 9 applicable credits earned prior to matriculation into an IIT Graduate Degree Program, subject to the graduate studies rules and restrictions, may be considered for 1) external transfer credit for graduate transfer credit use 2) internal transfer credit from an undergraduate program and/or 3) shared co-terminal program credit.  The combined limit of 9 credits may not be exceeded for any master’s degree program.

Students should designate the courses they wish to share by filing the Co-Terminal Shared Credit and/or Course Substitution and Exception form in eForms for Graduate Degree Works. For more information, please review the Co-Terminal Shared and Non-Shared Courses eForms Guide.

6 Year Time Limit

Students have six years to complete their co-terminal degrees. If the co-terminal degrees are not completed at the end of six years, the student will be dismissed from the co-terminal program and updated to an undergraduate student status only.

For more details about co-terminal program requirements, please see the Graduate Bulletin.