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Institutional Scholarships

All institutional scholarships are visible on your MyIIT Portal and will automatically disburse to your account on the first day of class.  Use the image below to learn more about Institutional scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students and the different scenarios that can impact your aid. Click the image to enable links!

Illinois Tech Scholarships

Grants and Fellowships

The Office of Sponsored Research and Programs has created a Funding Opportunity page that offers grant and fellowship opportunities for faculty, domestic and international graduate and undergraduate students in a wide range of fields and majors. Additionaly, the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs is available to assist faculty and students in writting and submitting grant proposals.

Interested students should visit the The Office of Sponsored Research and Programs Funding Opportunities page for more information.

Outside Scholarship Opportunities

Illinois Tech is committed to helping students secure additional funding from outside sources. We regularly add outside scholarships to our Scholarship Opportunities spreadsheet, which can be accessed through the Scholarship Channel on the myIIT portal.

Scholarship Resources

There are many major scholarship search engines available to students. The list below includes some of the most popular scholarship search engines.