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Alumni Tuition Discount & Alumni Half Policies

The awards listed below are available to alumni who have earned an Illinois Tech undergraduate or Illinois Tech graduate degree with the university. If you have additional questions about these awards, please contact our office.

Alumni Tuition Discount (AlumEd Voucher) Policy*

Alumni who are registered in a graduate degree-seeking program (part-time or full-time status) and maintain good academic standing are permitted a reduction of one-third of the current tuition charge for a one three-credit-hour course during each term of enrollment. Certain course exclusions, special program exclusions, and scholarship exclusions apply. Continuing eligibility is subject to the rules of master’s and doctoral degree completion time limit (see Completion of Studies and Graduation, Graduate Bulletin). The alumni benefit may not be applied retroactively.

*Eligible students enrolled in a degree-seeking program as of April 15, 2018 will continue to receive an Alumni Tuition Discount until spring 2020, provided they meet the eligibility criteria. Students who are admitted to a graduate degree-seeking program after April 15th, 2018 will not be eligible for this award. Students who complete a program and enroll in a subsequent program will be ineligible for funding upon the completion of their first program unless they are admitted to their second program prior to April 15, 2018.


  • Alumni admitted in non-degree-seeking status or programs including students in certificate programs.
  • Alumni registered in only undergraduate courses or in Proficiency of English as a Second Language Courses (PESL)
  • Alumni not registered in at least one three-credit-hour course
  • Alumni registered in a Chicago-Kent degree program
  • Alumni registered only in the following courses: accelerated, co-op, internship, non-credit, research, and thesis
  • The Alumni Tuition Voucher combined with all other Illinois Tech monies may not exceed tuition charges
  • The Alumni Tuition Voucher will not be applied to students receiving the Alumni Half Scholarship
  • Concurrently admitted and enrolled doctoral and master’s degree candidates
  • Students in the Master of Science Education or Math Education programs

Alumni Half Scholarship Policy

The Alumni Half Scholarship is available to any degree-seeking student who graduated from Illinois Tech within the past 2 years with an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.5 out of 4.0. This award covers half the cost of a student's tuition charges (up to a maximum of 4.5 credit hours per semester) for full-time graduate students in their first year of study. The Alumni Half Scholarship is only available to students enrolling in a graduate program in the College of Architecture, the College of Science (excluding students in the Master of Science or Math Education program), the School of Applied Technology, or the Lewis College of Human Sciences.

The Alumni Half Scholarship does not apply to Illinois Tech alumni pursuing a second or additional graduate degree. After a student exhausts their half-tuition scholarship, they are eligible for the Alumni Tuition Discount.