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Illinois Institute of Technology’s finance division, led by the Vice President for Finance, is responsible for the efficient and effective management of financial and human resources at the university. This is accomplished through our daily operations and complementary longer-term planning. We strive for high quality daily operations focused on customer service and compliance, and our longer-term proactive strategic initiatives are focused on innovative development, stewardship, and deployment of financial and human resources.

As illustrated in the organizational chart below, the goals of the finance division are carried out by a variety of departments that are all committed to furthering Illinois Tech’s mission and vision through our divison’s values. Learn more about each department and take advantage of the resources they have to offer through their websites, linked below.

Administrative Services

Administrative Services is an internal service provider for the University, helping to connect staff and faculty with the Finance division by providing operational services, transmitting financial information and processing transactions on behalf of the University.

Auxiliary Services

Auxiliary Services provides leadership, management, and planning of auxiliary services, including event services, external/affiliate housing and meals, and ancillary revenue-generating programming. It also works with faculty and staff to identify opportunities for partnerships and programs that support new revenue sources and to facilitate the execution and communication of services to support those partnerships.

Budget and Finance

The Budget Office coordinates all budget functions, including the annual budget cycle, budget transfers, and the reporting that units need in order to manage their budget funds. Capital budget tracking and reporting is another core function of the Budget Office.

Controller’s Office

The Controller’s Office executes the accounting functions of the university including general accounting, grant accounting, bursar’s office, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, and gift/endowment accounting.

Organizational Development at Illinois Tech 

Organizational Development at Illinois Tech includes three departments that each contribute to the development of the university in their distinct ways, and all with a focus on human capital development.

Please feel free to contact the Finance office directly at:

Office of Finance and Administration

10 West 35th Street, Suite 1900
Chicago, IL 60616