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Entrepreneurship Minor

Armour College of Engineering

EMGT 363—Creativity, Inventions, and Entrepreneurship for Engineers and Scientists
EMGT 407—Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property Management
EMGT 470—Project Management
CHE 506—Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property Management

Lewis College of Human Sciences

PS 319—Comparative Health Systems
PS 329—Politics of Global Warming
PS 332—Politics of Science and Technology
PS 338—Energy and Environmental Policy
PS/SSCI 354—Urban Policy
SOC 211—Sociology of Space
SOC 301—Social Dimensions of Science
SOC 303—Science in Society
SOC 305—Social Communication
SOC 351—Sociology of Work
SSCI 359—Humans, Ecology and Environment
SSCI 378—The Triple Helix
SSCI 380—Technology for Development
SSCI 386 and 486—Program Evaluation

Stuart School of Business

BUS 103—Ideation: What Are My Interests?
BUS 104—Needs Analysis and Opportunity Analysis Aligned with My Interests
BUS 203—Identification and Evaluation of Prospective Consumers
BUS 204—Identification and Evaluation of Competitive Advantage
BUS 210—Financial and Managerial Accounting
BUS 305—Contemporary Design of Business Processes and Business Models
BUS 341—Business Law for Entrepreneurs in the Modern Global Economy
BUS 361—Entrepreneurial Thinking and Practice
BUS 371—Introduction to Marketing
BUS 402—Leadership Seminar
BUS 403—Developing a Strategically Competitive Business Plan
BUS 404—Selling Your Business Plan
BUS 467—Managing Entrepreneurial Enterprise and the Global Marketplace
BUS 469 — Summit Course
BUS 472—New Product Development
BUS 468—Creating and Managing the Sustainable Entrepreneurial Enterprise
BUS 510—Building an Innovative and Sustainable Business
ECON 211—Principles of Economics
ECON 423—Economic Analysis of Capital Investments
MBA/EMS 529/PA 550—Social Entrepreneurship
MBA 575—Creativity and Contemporary Entrepreneurial Opportunities
MBA 576—Creating and Financing New Technology Ventures
BUS 590—Business Innovation in the Next Economy
MSF 594—Entrepreneurial Finance
MSF 595—The Venture Capital Process 

Chicago-Kent College of Law

Business Organizations
Business Entity Transactions
Entrepreneurship Law
Hedge Funds: Their Workings and Regulation
Securities Regulation
Commercial Law: Secured Transactions
Taxation of Business Entities
International Business Transactions
Real Estate Fundamentals and Syndications
Tax and Budget Policy
Tax Planning for International Business
Business Planning
The Corporation and The Constitution

College of Architecture

ARCH 561—Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Architecture

School of Applied Technology

ITMM 582—Business Innovation
ITMM 570—Fundamentals Of Management For Technology Professionals
ITMM 581—IT Entrepreneurship
ITMD 534—Human/Computer Interaction
ITMD 553—Enterprise Intelligent Device Applications
ITMD 554—Mass-market Intelligent Device Applications
ITMD 555—Open Source Intelligent Device Applications
TECH 565—Introduction To Social Commerce
ITMD 556—Intelligent Device Projects
ITMS 578—Cyber Security Management
TECH 581—Consulting For Technical Professionals
ITMT 593—Embedded Systems
IDN 560—Introduction To Analysis And Synthesis In Design
IDN 562—Prototyping In Design
BUS 510—Building Innovative & Sustainable Businesses
BUS 590—Capstone Project Course
MBA 576—Creating & Financing Technology Ventures
LAW 171—Entrepreneurial Law
LAW 505—Business Entity Formation