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Digital Media Center Mission Statement

Illinois Tech's Community Affairs and Outreach Programs’ Digital Media Center coordinates with Illinois Tech Marketing and Communications in outreach to the greater Illinois Institute of Technology community. The Digital Media Center (DMC) leverages digital and social media to create, connect, collaborate, and share with all communities.

The DMC serves as a both a juncture and conduit that advances the standing of the university in community. It provides an additional framework to assist student recruitment and enrollment efforts, as well as communicate to the internal Illinois Tech community--students, faculty and staff--the breadth and diversity of Illinois Tech’s academic, educational, civic, and social enrichment activities and resources. In doing so, DMC’s promotes and enhances the quality of life and sustainability of the urban environment.

The Digital Media Center Serves the Community and Achieves its Goals

  • Shared video-documentation of community meetings, events, and other subjects of community interest.
  • Social media channels that connect diverse community stakeholders to community events, activities, and opportunities. These social media channels also serves to heighten awareness of technological resources, and opportunities that strengthen the community.
  • Support and assistance to programs that advance the integration of technology in our community’s small businesses, community groups, and other organizations.
  • The DMC encourages sharing, collaboration, and opportunity through dialogue and interaction amongst stakeholders of the greater Illinois Tech community.

DMC Social Media Resources

  • Community Affairs and Outreach Programs Email Newsletter: There were eight editions in 2015. Subscribe by emailing
  • Facebook. The Community Affairs and Outreach Programs page features information by, for, and about the greater Illinois Tech Community. The Digital Media Center features technology tips and information for our community stakeholders such as Illinois Tech students, faculty, and staff, as well as small business owners, not-for-profits, community groups, and anyone in a community associated with Illinois Institute of Technology.
  • YouTube. Our channel is IIT Community.
  • Web site at /community-affairs/.