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Banner Account Charts and Codes

Fund Chart
Complete list of active fund numbers

Organization Chart
Complete list of active organization numbers

Account Chart
Complete list of active account numbers

Program Chart
Complete list of active program numbers

Organization Financial Manager Report
List of financial manager for each organization code

Revenue and Expense Account Definitions
Defines revenue and expense accounts and when each should be used

Fund Numbering Logic
Details what each set of fund numbers is used for.

Budget Query Definitions
Definitions of each of the options when creating a budget query in Self Service Banner.

Commodity Codes
Purchasing commodity codes, descriptions and associated account codes

Feed, Fupload, and Journal Entry Document Code Types
Description of the document number codes and typical Rule Classes for feeds, Fuploads, and journal entries.

Field Codes
These codes can be seen in Internet Native Banner form FGITRND. The field codes distinguishes a YTD actual expense transaction from a budget transaction.

Rule Classes
These codes describe the type of transaction and the method for recording it, for example a budget journal entry or a YTD invoice.