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Conversation With Dr. Janice K. Jackson, CEO Chicago Public Schools-The Civil Rights Movement, Equity, and Education

Jan 27, 12:00pm to 2:00pm

McCormick Tribune Campus Center, Auditorium, 3201 South State Street

Register and join us for a conversation about the effects of the historic civil rights movement on Chicago's public education spaces and places of today, including the reclamation of 50 closed public schools. The conversation features Dr. Janice K.  Jackson, CEO Chicago Public Schools, Bill Gerstein, former CPS educator and Senior Advisor for Leadership Greater Chicago, and members of the Raby family.

A light luncheon (12:00pm-12:40pm) precedes the program that will begin promptly at 12:45 and conclude at 2:00pm.

This program is sponsored by the Raby Founbdation, Office of Community Affairs, College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs at the University of Illinois,  American Planning Association, and the Illinois Chapter Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee. Learn more about the Al Raby and the Raby Foundation at

Dr. Janice K. Jackson

As a former student, teacher, principal, network chief, and chief education officer, and now as chief executive officer, Dr. Janice K. Jackson has been immersed in Chicago Public Schools her entire life.

As CEO of the third largest school district in the country, Dr. Jackson is responsible for setting our district's collective goals, ensuring that the children of Chicago develop into the thinkers, leaders, and innovators of the future. Dr. Jackson is focused on providing students in every neighborhood of the city with equitable access to high-quality programming and facilities, and she is committed to developing a Pre-K through 14 continuum that is steeped in academic rigor, supports the well-rounded development of the whole child, and provides students with multiple pathways to success.

The Raby Foundation was formed to honor the legacy of Civil Rights Leader, Albert Anderson Raby, through community service, activism, and youth leadership development in Chicago. Al Raby was an African American civil rights activist, co-chair of the Chicago Freedom Movement in the 1960s and campaign manager for Harold Washington, who became Chicago’s first black mayor in 1983.