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Severe Weather Plan

In the event of heavy persistent rain, dangerous winds, lightning, hail or other threatening weather conditions, the Opening Commencement Ceremony may be delayed, abbreviated or canceled. If the Opening Ceremony is delayed, the Academic Unit Ceremonies may also be delayed.

An announcement regarding any changes in the Commencement Day schedule will be made prior to the start of the Opening Ceremony. The Commencement website will also be updated with any announcements as they become available. You are urged to come to the ceremony prepared with appropriate clothing, including low-heeled shoes, and rain gear such as umbrellas.  Rain ponchos will be provided as guests enter the field.

Please Note: The Opening Ceremony will only be affected by the presence or imminent threat of severe weather.  Severe weather is defined as potentially dangerous weather, torrential downpour, high winds, lightning, and any other unsafe conditions for our guests to remain outside. A severe weather emergency is defined as a tornado, microburst, and other severely damaging weather.

Otherwise, the event will remain outdoors and take place as scheduled.


Announcements regarding any changes to the Opening Ceremony or Academic Unit Ceremonies schedules will be available on the Commencement website. In addition, announcements will be made over the speaker system during the Opening Ceremony. The IIT Alert system, available to the campus community, will be used to convey information in the event of a severe weather emergency prior to the start of the Opening Ceremony.

Where do I go if the Opening Ceremony is canceled due to severe weather? If there is little to no warning during the Opening Ceremony, guests and ceremony participants will instructed to leave the baseball field and proceed to the nearest building. 

Guests and ceremony participants will be instructed to go directly to their Unit Ceremony location if there is advanced warning of an approaching storm prior to or during the Opening Ceremony. The Armour College Ceremony participants should seek shelter in the building of your reception (see Armour Reception Map).

If severe weather arrives without warning, you will be directed to nearby buildings by IIT Public Safety personnel and commencement volunteers. Please proceed in a calm and orderly fashion and wait indoors for additional information.