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Career Fairs

Students and Alumni

Career Fairs and other recruiting events are a great opportunity to meet representatives of companies looking to hire talented employees—including Illinois Tech students and graduates. At Career Fairs you also can get tips about finding a great job from students who are getting ready to graduate or alumni who are back to recruit more outstanding talent. See our News and Events page for upcoming recruitment events!

Upcoming Career Fairs


Illinois Tech is transitioning to industry-based career fairs to allow for more companies to attend and make connections with more students. The fairs will take place September 20 and 21, 2017. 

Check back in the future for more information and updates regarding the Fall 2017 Industry Career Fair!

12-4 p.m. │ Hermann Hall



Success is a direct result of preparation. Make sure you take time to prepare for your employer interactions at Career Fairs. Here a few ways to prepare:

View our complete Career Fair Checklist

Career Fair VIP Program 

VIPSet yourself apart ...
Get exclusive access ...
Become a Career Fair VIP!

The VIP Program helps students be better prepared to speak to employers at the Career Fair. It also provides these students with extra exposure to recruiters. 

What do you get?

Students who complete the VIP Program requirements receive:

  • Personalized attention before, during, and after the career fair
  • Special tips on how to stand out to employers you're interested in
  • An inside track to upcoming company visits during spring break
  • VIP designation on name tag upon entry to the Fair
  • Submission in an exclusive resume book given to all recruiters

Participate in the VIP Program to set yourself apart at the Career Fair! 

VIP Program

Style Guidelines

Professional dress is required for entry to our campus-wide Career Fair. Jeans, t-shirts, casual shoes (sneakers), shorts, and hats* will not be permitted. For more details, see the Illinois Tech Career Fair Style Guide or contact the Office of Campus Life. * We do not discriminate against headwear worn for religious or cultural identity.

Prior to the main Career Fair, the Office of Campus Life hosts professional etiquette workshops and sponsors a Clothing Closet for students who want to borrow ties, shoes, and more. See our calendar for details.


Information for employers is available here.

Customized Career Fairs and Career Connections

Student Organization Career Fairs

Career Services invites student organizations to partner with us. Our active and collaboration will benefit your student organization by creating special connections with Career Services, Alumni Affairs, employers, graduate school representatives and other professionals. We will work with your student leadership and membership to create a set of activities and opportunities to help your organization develop bridges and multiple pathways into the workplace with personalized workshops, opportunities to co-sponsor events, and co-host panels. We strongly encourage student groups to collaborate in their partnership with us throughout the year.

For more information, contact Akshar Patel at to discuss the arrangements, or complete the form here.

Co-sponsor and co-create a career services event to develop a specific event or workshop for your student organization, develop professional skills that positively impact your interaction with employers and other professionals. Benefits include:

  • Networking and relationship building with employers in your field
  • Connect your alumni to the Career Services team to further develop referrals for internships, co-ops and full-time positions
  • Employer contact referrals
  • Speak with employers, graduate school representatives, and other professional connections looking to serve as guest speakers
  • Receive special advance notice of events, workshops, and programming, targeted to your group’s needs


  • Your student organization must be registered and in good standing with the Office of Campus Life
  • You agree to promote Career Services’ events to your members, peer organizations if applicable, and alumni mentors, after which you must complete a follow-up survey
  • You provide contact information for at least two officers so we can reach you quickly with connections to employers and events