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What is IIT Career Services?
Career Services is a full-service career services center located on IIT's Main Campus. Students from Chicago-Kent College of Law, Institute of Design, and Stuart School of Business receive career services at their respective schools.

Where is Career Services? 
We are located in the northeast corner of Hermann Hall, 3241 South Federal Street, Suite 113.

What types of services does Career Services offer? 
We provide a wide range of services to both current students and alumni. These include guidance with co-ops and internships (part-time and full-time), full-time positions, résumé and cover letter writing, networking advice, company research assistance, mock interviews, dinner/business etiquette workshops, and more. Individual and group advising is provided. Our office also works with employers and coordinates two Career Fairs each year during the fall and spring semesters. The fairs and other on-campus events attract many employers to come and recruit our highly qualified students and alumni for employment opportunities.

Does Career Services assist United States or international students?
We assist all IIT students and alumni as well as students from other universities that have reciprocity agreements with IIT.

What is the Student Employment Office (SEO)?
SEO is the office responsible for the processing of documents required for students to obtain Federal Work Study (FWS), non-FWS, and other similar student employment positions on or off campus.

About Co-Ops/Internships

What is the difference between a co-op and an internship?
A co-op is a multi-semester commitment with a single employer (two semesters for undergraduate students and two semesters for graduate students) and can be full- or part-time. Detailed information and complete instructions are provided in the Introduction to Co-op/Internship workshop. An internship is full-time in the summer only and must be part-time if it carries over to the fall.

Who can participate in a co-op?
Students must be in good academic standing and remain in good standing. You must have completed at least 18 hours (graduate students) or 24 hours (undergraduate students) of coursework by the time you want to start work.

This is my first semester at IIT. Can I do a co-op/internship?
No. You must complete a minimum of two full semesters of coursework prior to participating in the co-op/internship program. In preparation for a co-op or internship opportunity please attend Career Services' Introduction to Co-op and Internship workshop. This is a mandatory workshop for all students interested in doing a co-op or internship. For a list of workshops, visit to view the upcoming workshop schedule.

Do I have to attend a co-op/internship workshop?
Yes. It is mandatory that any student who wishes to participate in the co-op/internship program attend the Introduction to Co-op/Internship workshop. It's recommended that all students attend all Career Services workshops to gain access to valuable resources and job search tools.

How long can my co-op last?
If you are an undergraduate co-op student, you are required to work a minimum of two semesters with the same employer; if you're a graduate student, the minimum requirement is two semesters with the same employer. Co-ops must be renewed each semester you work.

How is my financial aid affected by a co-op?
You will not be eligible for IIT scholarships while participating in a co-op. Additionally, the income that you earn while working in a co-op must be reported on the FAFSA and may affect your financial aid package the following year. For more detailed information, please call the Office of Financial Aid at 312.567.7219.

I have been offered a co-op/internship. What do I do now?
If you have attended the Introduction to Co-op and Internship workshop, you should complete the necessary forms from the Internships and Co-Ops page of the Career Services website. Once you have received your signatures, contact Career Services to schedule an appointment to meet with your career advisor. If you have not attended the workshop, that is your first step in the approval process.

About Handshake

What is Handshake?
Handshake is IIT's online job and resume database.

How do I obtain a Handshake account?
If you are a current student, print out and sign the IIT-Handshake Agreement. Then bring it to Career Services with your IIT ID. Once your account has been processed you will receive an email with your access information.

What is the IIT-Handshake Agreement?
The IIT-Handshake agreement promotes integrity and professionalism during the job search process. It also obtains permission from students/alumni to release information concerning your qualifications to prospective employers for the purpose of providing assistance with your search for employment.

How long does it take to receive a Handshake account?
Handshakea account requests are processed daily. On average responses are turned around in 24 to 48 hours.

Why am I not qualified for jobs posted in Handshake?
Career Services posts job opportunities for a wide range of employers who set the qualifications and experience levels for individuals they are interested in interviewing for their specific opportunities.

Why does my résumé have to be approved? 
Résumés are approved to help prevent students/alumni from providing sensitive information that could result in serious problems in the future. Information such as social security numbers, race/ethnicity, physical details, parental information, drivers' license, and other information should not be on your résumé. For more information please attend a résumé writing workshop or speak to a Career Services advisor.

Additional Questions

A company I want to work for is coming to campus to interview. Why can't I interview with them?
Employers participating in on-campus interviews post their opportunities in Handshake well in advance of their visits. If you are interested you must apply through your Jobs4Hawks account. If selected, candidates will receive an email stating they are able to select an interview time slot. Some opportunities attract a large candidate pool, and it's up to the employer to decide which candidates they wish to interview. Sometimes not all interested candidates are selected for an interview. Stay positive, though, you'll find a job that is a good fit for you!