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Our Commitment

Career Services' Commitment To Illinois Tech Students

The Career Services staff are here to assist you as you develop your career goals, connect with professional mentors, and create meaningful opportunities to help you succeed. We recognize the unique needs of each individual student and commit to providing a consistent level of service to help students find the answers they need. The professional Career Services staff, interns, fellows, Student Engagement Team, Student Employer Ambassadors, and Peer Career Coaches commit to:

  • Making students’ career success and satisfaction our highest priority

  • Delivering a helpful, positive, professional outlook and attitude  

  • Treating everyone with respect, fairness, dignity, and nondiscrimination  

  • Listening and responding to our students’ concerns

  • Assisting students to determine the resources they need to make educated career decisions

  • Working with students to identify the appropriate office to contact if their concerns are not addressed

  • Returning phone calls and emails within one business day when possible

  • Providing knowledgeable answers, and resolving issues promptly and accurately – within 24 hours if possible

  • Soliciting student feedback to improve our services

Student satisfaction is a direct reflection of our effectiveness as an organization.

Response to the 2017-2018 student Speak Survey

Illinois Tech Student Community:

In response to the 2017-18 Student Speak Survey, Career Services is pleased to share with the specific results as it relates to our work with students.  Following the meeting, we committed to the Student Speak Survey committee and Student Government Association President Morgan Peters that we would define a specific set of next steps to address the concerns raised and to update these remarks quarterly.  Under each of the areas identified by the Student Speak Survey, we offer a representative but not an exhaustive list of the initiatives being undertaken.

April 2018

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    • At events or workshops, it is advised to dedicate time to some of the resources available through Career Services and how to use them.

      • Action - Spring 2018: Career Services will partner with academic colleges and administrative departments to cross-market our services to students.

    • Students would get more interested if they witness the presence of Career Services in dorms and other places with a large flow of population.

      • Action - Spring 2018: Career Services regularly hosts "pop-up career services" sessions in the Galvin Library and other locations across campus; we will make a concerted effort to broadcast and announce these services beyond HH 113 and HH111.

  • Virtual Presence

    • Almost every student uses blackboard on a daily basis.

      • Action - Spring 2018: We have begun to introduce our modules to BlackBoard and commit to having all Career Services modules integrated into BB across the 2018-19 academic year.

    • Provide courses on blackboard with access to resources and communication.

      • Action - Spring 2018: We agree; we will also explore how to make these same resources available to recent alumni in Year1 following their graduation.

    • Create an online platform for pop-up questions since it is a direct way of communication.

      • Action - Spring 2018: We have beta tested a product for the last several months; we will introduce an expanded version throughout the remainder of the Spring 2018 semester.

  • Defining a Work Related Curriculum

    • Changing the curriculum for some of the professional courses like IPRO, CAPSTONE, etc., to one that will familiarize students with a work environment relevant to their field.

      • Action - Spring 2018:  Over the last three semesters, we have introduced two new classes including Dragon Slayer (IPRO) and Life Beyond Career (with chemical engineering graduate students); we have also collaborated with ITP faculty members to introduce career services workshops within the structure of these classes. We will continue to work with the Deans and Chairs to introduce and strengthen essential skills and career development capabilities.

    • Partner with faculty to introduce micro-workshops as part of the regular curriculum or as additional/optional supplemental materials.

      • Action - Spring 2018: Led by the University Faculty Committee Chair, Britt Burton-Freeman, and former Chair, Joseph Orgel, we have supported a Faculty Innovation Grants initiative which has supported 12 innovation grants to weave the academic curriculum with career development and inclusive leadership.

    • Strengthen career development support for Professional Student Organizations including coaching for students attending state, regional and national conferences.

      • Action - Spring 2018: One of Illinois Tech's great strengths resides in the depth and breadth of our 45+ Professional Student Organizations and Honors Societies.  In Spring 2017, we were pleased to announce that Lisa Montgomery, director of the Office of Inclusion, Diversity, and Employer Engagement, would direct our efforts within Student Access, Success and Diversity Initiatives to advance the leadership and career development of our professional student organizations and honors societies.  New programming includes the Industry Sharing Tables, Illuminations Sessions, and the Corporate Ambassadors Program; we work closely and in collaboration with Alumni Affairs and Institutional Advancement as well as our Deans and Chairs.

    • Develop/enhance co-curricular career development and career services offerings beyond the formal curriculum.

      • Action - Spring 2018: We have piloted a series of new initiatives including collaborative programming and activities with the department of athletics, and the Greek Life Council.  In addition, we have initiated StrengthsFinder training for students and their student organizations.

  • First Impressions

    • As students look forward to friendly conversations and making friends, the staff can welcome the coming students with a warm conversation and offer some snacks.

      • Action - Spring 2018: Following the Student Speak survey, we met as a student and staff team to consider these remarks.  To this end, we have reorganized the seating so that the setting is more inviting and conducive to welcoming quests and small conversations.  With the support of Events Services, we have added a large screen monitor to showcase new programming, regular services, important deadlines, and dates, as well as highlights of our student and alumni success.

    • Staff is encouraged to spend some free time with the students.

      • Action - Spring 2018: We are committed to showing up at student events and programming.  We enjoy this time with our students and graduates.

On behalf of Career Services and Student Access, Success, and Diversity Initiatives, we are committed to delivering the highest level of services and programming to our students and alumni.  We believe that in co-creating a Great Culture with you, that we will be able to collaboratively deliver Great Results for your career.

One Illinois Tech: Build a Brilliant Plan.

Gerald Doyle

Vice Provost