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Faculty Innovation Grants Program

Congratulations to Professors Brent Stephens and Mohammad Heidarinejad of the CAEE department for their Summer 2020 Faculty Innovation Grants award!

Originally launched in the 2016-2017 academic year, the program was intended to be: "An organically grown prototype program for prototype programs". The main aim of the mini-grant program was to encourage initiatives in student skill and experience acquisition and / or simply provide students with the opportunity to expand their contact list in the professional realm from having worked alongside professionals in the course of their academic initiative. 

In this relaunch, we will retain this former category of award as before (termed now: Career Development Support) and have added an additional area:

Success in Learning and Retention Practices and / or Research in Student Success

In particular, we encourage applications that support and build upon the Student Empowerment, Mentorship and Leadership (Student ELM) and similar mentorship initiatives. Also applications should that incorporate a robust online and remote interaction component or focus with either of the two award categories (Career Development Support or Success Success). Relatively broad latitude is intentionally provided so that project proposals may be creative in meeting the award objectives.  

The Offices of Career Services, and Student Success and Strategic Initiatives are pleased to host the Illinois Institute of Technology Faculty Innovation Grant process:

Examples of types of activities eligible for funding include:

  • Fees for classroom speakers
  • Job shadow experiences
  • Coverage of registration fees for events that expand Illinois Tech's industry network
  • New student career development programming on campus  

See Previously Awarded Projects.


Grants will be awarded up to a maximum of $2,000 per project, with 5-7 projects expected to be awarded for this school year.  Applicants will be reviewed equally regardless of the requested amount up to $2,000.  All funds must be used by the end of the fiscal year (May 31) in which they are disbursed.  

Grants will not fund:

  • Scholarships or housing expenses
  • Permanent salary/wages
  • Previous expenditures
  • Entertainment expenses with no educational component
  • Currently existing programming

Awarding of grants will be determined by the Faculty Innovation Grants committee, made up of faculty and staff with a demonstrated interest in the professional development of students.  Proposals considered for funding should have the specific details worked out in advance of submission (i.e. names of presenters/speakers/panelists/mentors, specific companies/organizations that are being collaborated with, etc.)  

Application Timeline

Fall 2020 Application Deadline

Extended!  Friday July 10, 2020

Grant Application for Fall 2020 can be found here.

Application Process - Additional Details

  • Grants are available for full-time, part-time and adjunct faculty members.  Grants are not open to University staff members or students at this time.
  • In addition to the grant application, interested faculty will also need to fill out an itemized budget using the required spreadsheet template.  Please send completed budget spreadsheet to
  • If funds are used for off-campus travel, Illinois Tech's faculty travel guidelines must be followed.  

Awarded Projects - Reporting and Communication

  • To officially accept a grant, recipients must complete, sign, and submit an Agreement of Terms.
  • When purchasing supplies and paying fees, please be sure to show the vendor  IIT's tax exempt certificate.
  • Upon conclusion of the activity, recipients are required to submit a financial record to include all expenditures, income, and receipts.  
  • Recipents are expected to share activity experiences with Marketing & Communications or the Illinois Tech community, if requested.
  • Awards must be used for activities outlined in application; if entire award amount is not used, reimbursement will be based on the amount included in submitted receipts.