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Peer Career Coaches

The Peer Career Coach program is comprised of a group of student leaders dedicated to serving their peers through the career development process, working alongside full-time staff in the Career Services office. Peer Career Coaches (PCCs) are responsible for providing peers with resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, Handshake, and other professional advice through walk-in advising. They will conduct individual and small group appointments at various locations and hours around campus. Find us on Facebook here!

Students meeting with Peer Career Coaches will experience the same level of professionalism as Career Development Coaches, but with the added benefit of gaining a student perspective on career and job search strategies.

Meet Your Peer Career Coaches

priscilla akpabio

My name is Priscilla Ini Abasi Akpabio. My major is Mechanical Engineering and my favorite things to do are hiking and any activities involving nature. I am also very passionate about climate change and a strong advocate for Sustainable living and being eco-friendly.

devyani gauri

Hello! My name is Devyani and I am a third-year student majoring in Artificial Intelligence with a minor in Music and a specialization in Data Science. I am also an international student here at Illinois Tech, trying to find my place in the world, literally. On-campus, I’m a Peer Career Coach at Career Services and a Hawk Ambassador at the Admissions Office. I am also involved in RHA as a part of the Marketing Team. So stop me anywhere and say hi, because chances are, I will be happy to talk about almost anything. Along with being a Computer Science nerd, I am also very involved in music and music-related things. Singing is one of my favorite things to do, and I’m happy to talk about songs and song recommendations. I’m also a Social Justice Ambassador, while also being involved in the Association for Computing Machinery-Women. I love going to conferences, meeting new people and just overall being creative in any sort of way.  


I'm pursuing my Bachelor’s of Architecture degree here at IIT. Born and raised in Chicago, I have an enthusiastic interest in the city’s architectural and cultural history and its impact on design across the world. Currently, I am involved with the National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS) which aims to improve the lives of minority architecture students in many aspects, and LIFE/HACE which focuses on providing opportunities to Hispanic students and allies. I enjoy working as a Peer Career Coach because I love to help students prepare for their professional experiences, all while being inspired by their own enthusiasm. One piece of advice I have for students is to remember that life goes on; the only thing to do is learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward!

xiao (lucas) chen

My name is Xiao (Lucas) Chen. I am a PhD student in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. I grew up in China and worked in Europe before I came the United States for graduate school in 2013. I enjoy working with students, learning about each individual, and helping bring out the best of them. Serving as a Peer Career Coach is a delight for me. Outside my study and work, I am an avid adventurer and I have been to 20 countries through couch-surfing and hitchhiking; I also provide a free couch at home for travelers from around the world to pay it forward. I used to be a simultaneous interpreter and literature translator (between Mandarin and English) and a martial arts coach.

zahra khuwaja

'My name is Zahra and I am a third year Architectural Engineering student, minoring in Psychology. I absolutely love to travel and box. Being a Peer Career Coach is an excellent way for me to give back to the Department that helped me immensely in my professional endeavors, and I am very excited and grateful to take on this new role.

esteban lopez

Hola! My name is Esteban Lopez, and I am a co-terminal Mechanical Engineering student. I have been at Illinois Tech since 2015 and have mechanical engineering experience in the manufacturing and aerospace industry. My hobbies include fishing, reading philosophy, paddle-boarding, and indoor rock climbing. I was born and raised in the Chicago area, and am in love with this city and particularly all its food (I HIGHLY encourage everyone to have deep dish pizza at least once in their lives). I love being a Peer Career Coach because I was once shy and struggled communicating with recruiters. It turns out its not as hard as it seems! It just takes a little practice. I am here to help students see their career goals, one step at a time.

Oluwadahun Mamora

 The "h" in my name is silent, so an easy way to pronounce my name is: da-uun. I am from Lagos, Nigeria, and I am currently pursuing my graduate degree in engineering management with a specialization in product design & development. I have over 2 years of full-time work experience working in the food processing industry, so if you have any questions about the industry, feel free to ask me! I also have a strong desire to see students succeed in their career, and not to be bound by any limitations (including being an international student). For this reason, I chose to be a career coach and I hope to motivate you and help you advance in your career.

Smriti dhingra

"My name is Simrati Dhingra, preferably Smriti. I am pursuing Masters in architecture (Advanced Standing) in Illinois Tech. Born and brought up in India, I have encountered diversity in culture, religion, traditions and opinions among other things. Being among so many different cultures and people made me receptive of collective demands and sensitive towards diversities. At career services my aim is to guide people with varied backgrounds in the right direction to help them reach their goals."

Maira zamir

My name is Maira Zamir. I am a sophomore pursuing my Bachelor of Architecture. My favorite things to do are eat, watch movies, read, spend time with friends and family, be in nature, and pet cats. I believe in taking on life one step at a time. So if you feel stressed or unhappy, know that nobody’s perfect and everybody has their own personal struggles. We all like to portray our lives as perfect but perfection is something that does not exist!


Hermann Hall, 113
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