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Download the IIT Campus Sustainability Policies

Efficient Computing Phase I

Promotes awareness of energy use and green house gas(GHG) emissions due to electronics.

Energy Use

Promotes reduction in energy use and resources and GHG emissions to build on the infrastructure improvements of the smart-grid project currently underway on campus including upgrades for efficiency improvements, conservation programs and renewable energy installations.

Lights Out

Promotes reduction in energy use by turning off lights when leaving rooms for any reason, increasing the number of occupancy control lights and ensuring all general area lighting is turned off at end of the day and on weekends.

Printing and Paper Use Phase I

Promotes reduction of paper use, awareness of resources, and behavior changes as all on campus printing will default to two-sided outputs unless requested in writing.

Campus Recycling

Promotes reduction of waste and increased recycling through use of recycling bins that are now available throughout campus on grounds and in facilities.

Healthy Water Delivered Efficiently

Promoting use of healthy, accessible water and eliminates university purchases of bottled water in either the water cooler or individual bottle form.

Sustainable Landscape Management Phase I

Promotes better resource management for landscaping including equipment and water use through a single Stormwater and Landscape Management Plan.

Purchases for Certified Green Buildings

Promotes the purchase of materials that the minimize environmental impact associated with their manufacture, use and disposal. Dowload the Purchasing Policy for Certified Green Buildings