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The Tech Connect Experience

Illinois Tech believe that our parent and family members are an important part of our community and collaborators in making sure that our students succeed in and out of the classroom. Tech Connect was established as a way for parent and family members of Illinois Tech feel connected to the campus community. In these past years, Illinois Tech have worked with families, parents, and supporters to create a solid network to ensure that you know about important dates, campus events, and information that impacts your student.

Being a part of Tech Connect will provide parent and family members with the following:

  • Newsletter with contributions from campus partners about what is going on campus.
  • Support the transition of parent and family members to having their studnet come to Illinois Tech.
  • Find ways for parent and family members to get connect to campus life.
  • Provide information about resources and services provided by the university.

Want to sign up for the Tech Connect newsletter? The Tech Connect Newsetter is an opportunity to stay informed about what is going on at Illinois Tech and hear from the campus about how to help your student succeed at Illinois Tech.

Tech Connect Newsletter Sign-Up

Be a part of the Tech Connect community on Facebook by going to our group. 

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