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What to Expect at SOAR

Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration

Are you ready to SOAR? We are excited to welcome you to campus! SOAR is an opportunity for incoming students and their families to learn about the Illinois Tech campus and the resources available to students to help them succeed. Below you will find key points about each of the schedules. Schedules are provided to participants during the SOAR Check-In. If you have any questions, please email or call 312-567-3720.

undergraduate student SOAR

All undergraduate students who come to Illinois Tech are required to come to SOAR and participate in the full program. Undergraduate SOAR is for all incoming to learn about Illinois Tech and prepare themselves for the next four-five years at Illinois Tech. Incoming undergraudate students can expect to meet their fellow students and meet the indviduals who will be able to help them during their college experience. 

  • General Information
    • SOAR is a two-day orientation program that is required for all incoming students. 
    • Students will be required to stay on-campus during the June & July SOAR dates, but no housing is provided during August and January SOAR.
    • SOAR typically begins with check-in at 8:00 AM and ends the next day around 3:30 PM.
    • Students and their families will have a chance to talk with a variety of campus partners to prepare for their first year at Illinois Tech. Some of the campus partners you may interact with at SOAR include:
      • Residence Life
      • Financial Aid
      • Student Health & Wellness Center
      • And many more!
    • Students will have an opportunity to see an advisor for their specific major to discuss class schedules and any other academic related questions.
    • Students are required to participate in all parts of the SOAR program. 

All first year students are expected to participate in Welcome Week when they attend the Illinois Institute of Technology in the Fall. Take a look at previous Welcome Week schedules here.

To give students and family members an idea of the schedule, please look at this schedule at a glance to best plan for your trip. All locations and presentations are subject to change.

*Please review all correspondence before coming to SOAR. 

transfer STUDENT soar

Transfer SOAR is a one day orientation program that is dedicated to transfer students coming to Illinois Tech for the Fall 2019 semester. All undergraduate students who come to Illinois Tech are required to come to SOAR and participate in the full programONLY transfer students can attend the Transfer SOAR date. Undergraduate transfer students admitted for the Spring will attend the general undergraduate SOAR.

family soar

Family SOAR is a great opportunity for Family members to learn what it means to be an Illinois Tech students and get answers to questions they might have. Family SOAR is a unique opportunity for family memebers to ask questions and get information from different campus office. 

  • Differences between Family & Undergraduate/Transfer/Graduate SOAR:
    • Family SOAR is a seperate experience from Undergraduate SOAR where Family members and guests will be able to hear directly from different offices.
    • Information is directly tailored to the questions/concerns that we get from family members.  
    • Share experiences and meet other family members who have students coming to Illinois Tech.
    • Illinois Institute of Technology does not provide housing for family members and guests of SOAR participants. Please check our F.A.Q. page for more information about accommodations in the area.


Gradaute SOAR is a unique experience for incoming Graduate students. It is expected that Graduate students partake in Graduate SOAR. If your college has any other requirements, please make sure that you are in contact with your specific college.