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Student Health and Wellness Center

The Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC) provides campus health and wellness resources that enable the student to successfully achieve their academic goals and promote lifelong wellness. Services include both physical and mental health care needs for IIT and VanderCook students.

The Student Health and Wellness Center does not prescribe hormone therapy to students but will provide referrals to any students interested in seeing a specialist. We recommend the Howard Brown Health Center and the Chicago Women’s Health Center. Prescription drug coverage is a benefit under the Aetna Student Health Plan. Students are responsible for any associated copays for generic, brand name and non-formulary (specialty drugs), and formulary drugs. SHWC provides hormone level testing on campus.

Gender reassignment surgery may be covered under the Aetna Student Health Plan. If you have any questions about your coverage, please contact Aetna at 800-841-3140.

Student Health and Wellness also offers counseling services free of charge to all students.

If you’re interested in making an appointment with the Student Health and Wellness Center, call 312-565-7550 or make a request online.

Campus Restroom Map

The Campus Restroom Map is a Google map that lists restrooms at IIT by gender, including gender inclusive facilities. There is also a gender neutral/family locker room located in Keating Sports Center. It is located to the left of the main entrance, equipped like any other locker room but is an individual space, and locks from the inside.

Name Change at IIT

Please note, official documentation is required to process the request, which are all listed here. If you have any questions about this process, you are welcome to contact the One Stop.

You may also have the option to change your name on portals and in your email at Illinois Tech even if you have not changed your name legally. Those two options are outlined below. 

1) You can set up an alias (or nickname) in the Portal on the "Training and Support" tab under the "Google Apps Account Maintenance" channel. This will give you an alias that people can email and reach you, but when you email out it will still come from the email address set up by the Office of Technology Service. 

2) You can also change your display name in Google along with the reply-to address. When the email comes in, it will show the list of emails and in the email itself whatever name you choose to display. After hitting reply, it will then show the reply-to that was entered in settings, which should be an alias on the account.