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Commuter Programs


Commuter Appreciation days are once a semester where the Illinois Tech community celebrates and welcome commuter students to the community.

COMMUTER Coffee hours

Throughout the semester, the BOG will be open during special hours for Commuter students to come in, study, and grab a cup of coffee.

Commuter Ambassador Program

All incoming undergraduate commuter students (first-year and transfer) are assigned a Commuter Ambassador. Ambassadors are upperclassmen students who have attended Illinois Tech at least one full academic year. This Ambassador is your connection to student life at Illinois Tech. The Commuter Ambassador Program will programming that help students...

  • Meet fellow Commuter students.
  • Get connected to university administrators that can help acclimate them to campus better.
  • Address students that Commuter students are having.
  • Access to resources/events just for commuter students.
  • Get free food!

All first year commuter students will get their Commuter Ambassadors contact information during SOAR. You will hear from your Commuter Ambassadors during the summer.

COMMUTER Student association

The Commuter Student Association is an Illinois student organization that allows students who commute to come together and form a community. The Commuter Student Association hosts monthly meetings, social events around Chicago, and professional development opportunities. 

For more information about the Commuter Student Association, please check out the following websites about their meetings and events.