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About ARC

Supported by university, the ARC provides peer tutoring in most subjects and courses offered by the various departments across the university. The ARC works in close quarters with Undergraduate Academic Affiars (UGAA) and the Office of Strategic Initiatives and Student Success to augment students' learning process. 

The ARC also offers Supplemental Instruction (SI) to various courses (particularly 100 and 200 level) across the university to enable constant support with subject matter in courses where it is needed the most. This positively impacts student success and outcome. 

All ARC Services are free to use for current Illinois Tech students. The ARC has now moved all tutoring activity (virtual and limited in person) to Knack - a tutoring platform to enhance the learning experience. Click here to log-on to knack using your myIIT email account. For instructions on logging in for the first time, watch this video.

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Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring is a free drop-in service, open to all registered students. Our tutors are top-performing undergraduate and graduate students who help students gain a sound understanding of course concepts and materials. They are chosen on basis of their area of expertise. Tutors are available either on a drop-in basis or in group consultation.


The Supplemental Instruction (SI) program provides peer-facilitated study sessions for traditionally difficult courses. These sessions are led by a qualified  ARC scholar who has previously taken and exceeded in a given course. The scholars also attends all lectures with students. For more information about the ARC SI Program, clich here.


ARC promotes subject-related group study. Tables are assigned for related subjects promoting discussion study. This helps students to recall and organize their study patterns. The Expo space in Hermann Hall is often available for students to study independently or in groups. Rolling white-boards are on hand for students to check out at the monitor's desk in Galvin Library Room 007.

Academic coaching

The ARC works closely with the office of student success and the ELM program leaders to provide Academic Coaching (GLS 182). Students who take GLS courses, on average, improve their academic performance by one letter grade going forward. This includes students of all GPA starting positions with a significant number of post-GLS students obtaining high 3 and 4.0 GPA’s. GLS students are supported by ELM trained UG peer-mentors and graduate TA academic coaches, in addition to the significant support services available in peer-tutoring for academic subjects provided via the Academic Resource Center (ARC).

Exam Reviews

Exam Reviews help students with successful strategies for review on their answers guided by a tutor. Students test themselves both, to practice for the exam and to diagnose areas of weakness. To help students visualize quality responses on free response questions, students practice exam-related problem samples. To submit an exam review request, please fill this form

Workshops and Seminars

We also conduct the following which helps students plan their study schedules:

  • Subject related workshops during the semester
  • Educational Strategies Workshop in the beginning of the semester.


The ARC hosts a state-of-the-art computer lab with computers, scanner, and laser printers. Students may work with tutors on learning discipline-specific software or for assistance in core computer science classes. Other electronics for students to use at the ARC include: tablets (iPad, Surface, Android), tablet pc and laptop pc.

ARC Survey

The Academic Resource Center conducts two kinds of surveys. First, any time you electronically sign out using the ARC services, you will see options to answer couple of questions and add comments. Second, is the ARC email survey which is shared with students around mid-semester and at the end of semester. These survey help the ARC improve it's services and create better support for you.