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Appealing Parking Citations

Parking Citation Appeal Committee

Student volunteers have been selected for the 2019-2020 parking citation appeal committee.


  • Members will be expected to serve on the committee for (1) academic year.
  • Members will be expected to review citation appeal dockets bi-weekly for approximately an hour via an electronic survey.
  • Appeal dockets will be issued on scheduled dates and must be completed within (2) business days. 
  • Committee members will be kept confidential.

Parking Citation Appeal Policy

Access, Card, and Parking Services strives to provide fair and consistent enforcement of the parking regulations put in place for the Illinois Tech community. The appeals process allows for citations to be appealed if issued in error or due to circumstances beyond your control. All citation appeals must be made within (7) days of the date the citation is issued. Appeals will not be accepted after the seven day grace period. Appeals must be submitted by the responsible party via the online appeal form. Appeals will not be accepted via email. A valid email address is required for decision notification.


Citations issued for “No Valid Parking Permit” may receive a reduction to the daily rate of $12.00. Do not submit an appeal if you wish to pay the $12.00 within the (7) day grace period. Simply call the ACaPS Office at 312.567.8968 for the adjustment. After the seven day grace period, the reduction rate will no longer be accepted and the original fine amount must be paid. Citation payments can be made online through the MyParking portal.

Appeals received will be initially reviewed by the Access, Card, and Parking Services Office for improper issue. Improperly issued citations will be GRANTED by the ACaPS office. Citations found to be properly issued will be sent to the Student Parking Citation Appeal Committee for further consideration.

Grounds for Appeals

Valid Grounds for appeals include the following reasons:

  • There is reasonable evidence that you did not commit the violation
  • You may have committed the violation, but extraordinary circumstances beyond your control occurred, and:
    • You promptly made a demonstrable attempt to notify Parking Services of the situation

Invalid Grounds for appeal include the following reasons and may be denied.

  • Not knowing the parking rules/policy
  • Disagreement with fines
  • Inability to pay fines
  • Forgetfulness
  • Needing to park for a short period of time
  • Inability to find a parking space
  • Failure to notice parking signs
  • Others were parked there too
  • Others were parked and didn’t receive a citation
  • I always parked there and never received a citation
  • Running late

Appeal Decision Outcomes

Appeal Decisions are made considering a number of factors including but not limited to: the violation type, area signage, previous citations, existing parking permit, and reason of appeal.  After review, citation appeals may receive the following:

ACaPS in Office Decision

  • GRANTED- the citation was issued improperly and no payment is required

 student Parking Citation Appeal Committee Decision

  • WARNING- the citation was issued properly, but a one-time courtesy is extended and no payment is required
  • DENIED- the citation was issued properly and has been upheld. Payment of original fine is required within (7) days of the appeal decision notice

All decision notices will be issued via email within (2) weeks of the appeal submission. All appeal decisions are FINAL. 

How to Appeal a Citation

Complete the citation appeal form here

Contact Access, Card, and Parking Services at 312.567.8968 with any questions.