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ACaPS Parking Permit Design Contest!

2019-2020 Student Parking Permit Design Contest

Attention Students!

Votes have been submitted and a winner has been chosen!

Congratulations to Ayesha Anees for winning in both permit design categories. Her winning designs will become the face of the Flex and Spring permit for next academic year!

ACaPS would like to thank all the students that participated in this year’s contest. Your hard work and creativity are much appreciated. We look forward to next year’s contest.

"For my designs, I was inspired by the Illinois Tech community itself and the uniqueness found in it. For the Flex design, I wanted the permit to show all the different places students originated from and how, despite the differences in our origins, we all came together to grow and learn at Illinois Tech. Following the same thought process, for the Resident design, I wanted to show how students built connections and relationships at Illinois Tech and how these roots helped them call Illinois Tech a home"

`Ayesha Anees

Flex Resident